Top 10 Best Survival Knives Reviews in 2018

The survival knife and kitchen knife are not the same. Actually, there is a really difference between the two knifes. In case you did not recognize it, please note that a survival knifes are small in size, provides easy movement and is normally inexpensive. In this post, we are going to show you about Top 10 Best Survival Knives Reviews. If you are looking for a good survival knife or want to buy it and if it is for this purpose you are on the right article. Be aware, after reading this article, you will be able to choose your own suvival knife.

When I take my holiday, I put on my “hiker’s jacket”. I really like to get to the top of the mountains with friends to be kind of cut off from everyday stress. At the time of our destinations, we all have a survival equipment such as a survival knife. In my opinion, this equipment is essential. It can be useful for chopping small slices of wood, to cut even our provisions. Basically, the value of such an item is well established.

10. MTech USA MT-378 Folding Tactical Knife, Tanto Blade, Black Steel Handle

A survival knife is simply a ready-to-use knife. This folding knife MTech USA Survival is a trusted and very high-quality equipment. It is an equipment which you must always have in your safety package. It is multifunctional with its sharp blade. With the second option, you can cut in emergency situation. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, this knife provides a very high strength and resistance. It must be said that even though it is not inexpensive in terms of price, it is certainly visible that the producer has designed specifically to maintain your survival. Moreover, it is a 100 gram folding knife that suits easily in a wallet or bag. The fact that it can be folded, it is also critical for your safety, because even if you keep it in a wallet, it cannot sting you since its blade is carefully stored.


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9. Rambo Bowie Knife III Stallone Signature

Every survivalist recognizes Rambo as the great hero. Well, if you also recognize his popular knife, here is an exact look-alike knife. This high class equipment can be used for hiking or hunting. It has a total length of 415 mm and the knife alone measures up to 285 mm. Realize that this equipment is provided directly sharpened, and as a result it is ready to be use at any moment. Furthermore, since it is a fixed survival knife, it comes with a leather storage case that avoids the punch to sting or pierce yourself in the wallet, but you see that, it’s a popular knife and therefore it costs quite a bit. So much better, prepare yourself financially.

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8. Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife

If you have a Geber Bear Grylls knife, you will feel automatically have a survival experience. In fact, this equipment is a fixed knife that can help you out in a lot of difficult situations. You have the skill to cut, and also burn anything you want. With its compact size of 209 grams, this advanced knife is very useful. It is true that, it will be looking for a protective case, but it is still useful in the field. Moreover, its steel blade is already sharp to buy. This means that you have nothing to do after purchasing it because it is immediately being use. Nevertheless, remember that to have a survival knife like this, you must also have well filled storage compartments.

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7. Promithi Folding Knife with Bottle Opener Handle & Belt Clip

Your survival is priceless, but it relies on the kind of equipment you work with. If you are used to staying in the central of a forest or on top of a mountain, it is extremely value that you have a dependable and useful survival knife. This Promithi is a mini folding knife that is made of stainless steel. With its total size of 12 cm, it can simply be brought and stored in boxes. Its silver design and black body covered with anodizing gives it a very interesting look. Furthermore, lucky to have it, because its price is very affordable. The producer also provides you the chance to open bottles with this item, and even to hold it on a key chain, not to forget it. Nevertheless, do not expect to make big slashes with this survival knife because its blade is only 5.3 cm.

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6. Intrepid Knife With Whisle And Fire Starter

This knife with army style can ensure your survival in numerous situations. It is easy to keep because it comes with a nylon photo bag that suits perfectly with the decor of the handle. Moreover, he has a tiny saw behind the blade and it also can start fire. Recognize that it will be helpful not just for cutting and cutting, but also for tiny sawing. Furthermore, its black coated 420 stainless steel blade is very resistant and can overcome all materials. Remember that this Anglo Arms knife has a total size of 191 mm and a weight of 155 grams. It is a very useful equipment, but which has a small flat. The trouble with this knife is its handle Paracord. It is very small and suddenly does not help its handling.

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5. Martinez Albainox Yowie Rui with Fire Starter

It is true that at first look at the cost of this survival knife can be disapointed. But focusing to the style of this equipment, we are quickly attracted over by the quality of its configuration. The handle is very comfort and can be used easily also in very low visibility. Moreover, this knife also includes a useful fire lighter that helps to make fire in just seconds. Weighing only 280 grams. You will have no problems keeping it because it comes with a nylon cover for storage.

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4. Opinel No12 Survival Knife

This Opinel bag knife is very suitable to go with you during your aventure. It is made up of a green ergonomic handle in polyamide and a smooth blade of 100 mm. The second is made of stainless steel to improve its life and strength. This equipment combines other features for instance the whistle, the fire lighter, the cutting hook and the straps pass. Its strong construction, it is very effective. Moreover, it folds in a snap for optimal storage. As a result, in the folded position, it puts easily into a pocket or bag. However, what can be a limit to its achievement is its high quality-price ratio. It is certainly a very high-quality knife whose purchase needs plenty of cash.

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3. Kabar Knives 1236 Leather Handle, Bowie Fixed Blade Knife

Protect your life with this KA-BAR knife. It is a technical knife whose 4119 stainless steel blade. You don’t have to file it, once the knife is sent to you, because it comes already sharpened. Moreover, the order of this knife immediately gives you obtain to its lifetime guarantee. Remember that not many survival knives have a guarantee, let alone a lifetime guarantee. However, this is what the producer of this high quality item gives you. If we keep to its price, we can admit it is a costly knife. However, it is well worth buying if you can pay for it. For a secure grip, its handle is metal and covered with leather.

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2. REGULUS KNIFE Mantis-MK 3, Survival Knife

To perform hikes or escapes in the woodland, the important of survival golden rule is to have a survival knife. This small sharp knife Regulus Knife is very lightweight and easy to store. All its performance lies in its 440 C stainless steel blade. The other is not only resistant, but also completely strong. If you are seeking for a knife that is both helpful for success and for hunting, this equipment is the best. It is true that its blade is fixed, but from the moment it can be stored in a case, it is great. Nevertheless, its cost is very low.

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1. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sheath

One thing is to have a survival knife and easily store it. If it you are hesitate to buy a survival knife, know that we have discovered the design that will end your fears. This is the 510 Mora Carbon Dagger. Thank you to the sharp of 9.5 stainless steel blade, you can get over all kinds of materials. Furthermore, it allows to protect easily when you are attacked by an animal in the forest. Moreover, it comes with a black hard case and thick enough. Regarding its cost, it is not affordable for most customers, but when you think about its comfort of use, we can say that it is not an equipment whose purchase will be a source of regret for you.

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