13 Fishing Concept A3 6:3:1 Gear Ratio Fishing Reels – Review

These are unique fishing reels that are exceptionally versatile. They are light since they weigh 10.5 ounces, especially since their side plates are made of carbon which makes them much lighter. Their bodies are made of aluminum, therefore, they are long lasting. 13 fishing reels have a convincing power that is located in the lower part of the bait-casting platform. Their strengths are gained from the H.A.M. gears that are made of Japanese Hamai material and have hardened brass. They are unique and are monster-like because of their stability, therefore, they have the ability to hold on to the strong, tough and big fish.

More so, they are strong enough to handle a fish that weighs 30 lbs. More so, Concept 13 fishing reels have an anti-reverse system and an arrowhead that guides the unit in the right direction. As a result, there are no the line angles, lumps, and tangles created during the casts.   The concept fishing reels have four models that are equally distributed to the right and the left-hand sides. The two models with 6:3:1 gears reclaim 28.8 inches in every turn. Therefore, in case you desire extra power when using a reel, this kind of reel is for you.

The bearings of the 13 fishing reels are non-corrosive. As a result, you tend to use them for long without replacing the bearings. Then again, the levers in these products are super kick since they have the ability to give you enough cam support-arm which help you gain control over the fish and so their performances cannot result in failure. More so, they have two different handles; traditional concept cork-knob and the power paddle handle. These handles are high quality and have good grips than other reels. You can choose to switch from one handle to another; depending on the situation you are in, and which between them you feel comfortable with.  The 13 fishing reels can be said to be flexible since you can use them both in fresh and salt water. This is because the concept fishing reels have been treated with the Ocean Amor which makes them resistant to the effects of salty water. They can also handle any kind of big baits that you throw to the water. Therefore, it is there to motivate you and make your activities successful throughout the day. They are designed to be fast and since they are powerful, you can be able to catch along with a crankbait that is diving deeper. The concept fishing rails can be used for any kind of activities such as spinner baits, square bills, jigs as well as plastic worms. They are easy and simple to clean.

More so, you can access their brakes quickly and easily. Their brake systems are 6-way centrifugal. This means you are able to adjust the 6 pins that are in the braking systems to enhance your castings.  Furthermore, concept 13 fishing reels have the Beetle-wing rapid-access system which enables the side plates of the product to remain open and easily can move itself to the side so that you can adjust the breaking pins without straining. As a result, you do not have to drop the side plate into the water since it is expensive.  The concept fishing reels are comfortable and feel good to hold because they are designed to fit the contours in the palm of your hands. They are more reliable even when you are under stress. This is because they are considered to be about 37 % stronger and powerful than the others. Additionally, the concept 13 fishing reels have the trick shop compatibility. This means it is possible for you to customize and modify some parts in your own way that you like.


Pros: The side-plates of these products are made of air-foil carbon that make them very light. Therefore, they are highly portable and dependable. More so, they can easily be cleaned. As a result, they are reliable. Then again, the handles are comfortable when holding due to the fact that they fit well with the natural contours in your hand.

More so, you can still grab them well even when the handles are wet. Due to this, the reel will not slide.  The 13 fishing reels have undergone through the Ocean Amor 2 treatment. This means that they are more resistant, non-corrosive and are compatible with salty water. Therefore, you are not limited to where you will fish. More so, they have Bull Drag System that enables you to simply put brakes on a strong fighting fish thereby overpowering it. Their power and performances cannot be compared to any other kinds of reels.  The concept fishing reels are made of HD aluminum frames which make them durable, long lasting and strong. Due to their gear ratio of 6:3:1, they have the ability to handle a fish that weigh 30 lbs. and more. Other than that, the gear ratio gives them much power and durability. Their bearings are dead-stop anti-reverse and are stainless therefore cannot be corroded when you are out fishing. More so, they cannot be easily reversed by fish when fighting back.

Cons:  Operating these products can be challenging especially for a beginner. 13 fishing concept reels have numerous features that require experience on how to operate them.

A learner may not know how to switch from the concept cork-knob handle to the power paddle handle. Then again, the beetle-wing access system can be difficult to understand in case the operator is an amateur. Therefore, these units are suitable for skilled and experienced fishers  Then again, the side plates have to be open the whole time so that you can be able to access the brakes. This means in case the side plates close by accident, the brakes will not function. More so, the breaks themselves are not magnetized. As a result, they are not that much efficient and so fine adjustment cannot be said to be available.  After going through this article, you will understand that the 13 fishing concept reels are solid products that will give you great performance especially if you are on the hunt for big and large fish on a wide area. They do a great work yet their prices are lower. You should try them.

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