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Today we’re taking a look at the 13 Fishing Concepts C Baitcasting Reel. This is the C5.3 and right handed. Generally, it’s the concept C with a 6.6:1 gear ratio. This is a truly great reel from 13. What I like best about it is; it’s super lightweight. This thing weighs in at just 6.2 ounces. It’s got 22 pounds of drag at max, so it is super crazy powerful drag, very smooth and it’s basically like a wonder, what I would consider 100 size low profile baitcasting reel. It’s really nice to hand compact but it still holds a fair amount of line. You’re looking at 110 yards of 12-pound test mono which is about 200 yards of 20-pound braid something like that and this reel got everything you need. It’s got 9 ball bearings in there, nice handle on it, they’re really comfortable if you’re truly good in your hand, so you’re not going to slip even if they get wet or get data on there and like all 13 reels are actually freshwater and saltwater compatible.

You don’t have to worry that ‘this is just a freshwater reel’ it’s work perfect for obviously freshwater fishing but if you’re going to do a redfish and trout maybe down in Florida or the Gulf; it is a great reel for that or if you’re up here in New York and you want to fish in the bay for fluke this is a perfect size reel for that. No reason why you couldn’t do that, and again; this is a super lightweight, crazy powerful and it’s a great basting reel. It’s got the 6 pin centrifugal gas control system in there and just a really nice reel from 13. They just keep producing better and better stuff and if you want to have more fun and fish with just a really smooth elegant reel. This is definitely a solid option. Check it out, it’s the 13 Fishing Concept C Baitcasting Reel. This is the 6.6:1 gear ratio model and they are in stock.


  • Weight (oz): 6.2
  • Bearings: (4AC+4SS) + 1RB
  • Body Material:Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank (in): 21″
  • Line Capacity Mono (yds/lb): 110/12
  • Handle Shape: Double flat paddle
  • Max Drag (lbs): 22
  • Gear Ratio: 6.6:1
  • Spool Material: Aluminum
  • Retrieve: Right

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