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Mandalas is a really hard work, repetitive and meditative process. This art really stresses relieving practice for anyone who is really new at it.

For some artists when they create the mandalas they have to took a photo of a nature to create a new unique art; such as, lava, waterfall, river, leaves, rock, gems, anything in nature with natural light. For example; if we look closely into a crystal, we probably saw amazing rainbow light which is a really great way to create a unique mandala.

In this post, we are going to talk about an artist name James Brunt. James is an English artist who studied fine art. He working really hard, practicing and finding more amazing ideas. Finally, James has come up with an amazing unique ideas to turn the environment around him into arts. Rocks, leaves, twigs any other things that he can find have become his materials and turned them to amazing mandalas which is really beautiful, amazing, stunning and attractive. He lives in Yorkshire, England and his house have been surrounded by beach, forests which is really a good place for him to find the materials. Down here are some beautiful mandala photos created by James Brunt.

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  • Winter 2017 Project


It’s really interesting time when Autumn turn into winter. The leaves are turning from the beautiful green into yellows, reds, oranges and browns. During autumn time, leaves are fall all over the places with all different color which is really interesting and attractive and this is the most beautiful season. Because of it is really beautiful that why James came up with an idea to create the mandala with leaves to made autumn cooler than before. He cleaned the floor and collected those leaves and woods and place them circle as mandala.


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