Can You Troll With a Jigging Rod?

Trolling is one of the best ways to get more fish, especially during the summers. During the warmer months, fish used to gather near the surface usually go deep into the lake’s water. Trolling becomes the most effective method to reach these depths, and using specific and targeted trolling methods can increase the chances of you scoring a great catch.

You can troll with a jigging rod. In fact, Jigging rods are most effective in catching big fish like tuna. The jigging rods are very sturdy and can support fish of almost any size. They are also lightweight and do not damage easily, making it a very pleasurable experience to troll with.

Of course, there are many other fishing techniques, and each may be used to serve a specific purpose of catching a different kind of fish. The use of a jigging rod is also quite helpful, especially when catching big fish. Keep on reading to learn more about the various factors that make it a delight to troll with a jigging rod.

What Is a Jigging Rod?

Jigging Rods are mainly fishing rods that are used for the specific technique of jigging. The jigging process is one of the easiest methods to become a better fisherman. With the right materials, the method will be quite easy to master.

A jigging rod consists of a very sensitive blank that responds to the slightest bit of weight that attaches to the bait. A blank is the length of the rod that is being used for the jigging technique. A proper jigging rod should also be made of sturdy handle material and carry an overall lightweight design.   

What Are the Different Kinds of Jigging Rods?

There are two different kinds of jigging rods; each called an outfit in trolling terms. There is the conventional outfit and the spinning outfit, and both are equally indispensable in different circumstances. The conventional set up is for those who are more comfortable with roughhousing, while the spinning rod set up requires a tad bit more finesse.  

  • Conventional rod: Conventional rods are set up more traditionally, meaning you might need to use the reel’s torque when you use it for jigging purposes. You can also rest the rod against the railing while trying to get hold of the fish you have just caught. All in all, it acts great as a trolling rod.
  • Spinning rod: If you do not need it to be fast, then trolling with a spinning rod is optional. A spinning rod has greater sensitivity, and so it can react quickly to any additional weight that gathers around the bait and helps reel in your catch faster.

How to Use Jigging Rods During Trolling Effectively

When using a jigging rod, ensure that the rod’s length is pretty short. A shorter rod will also shorten the distance between the bait and your hand, which will allow you to get a feel of any new strike far quicker and thus letting you react faster as you reel the catch in.

Ensure that your reflex actions are also lightning fast as the catch may soon realize the bait and might spit it out before you have a chance to reel them in.

Also, note the key features that you need to bear in mind when purchasing a jigging rod for trolling. These key features are discussed in more detail in the next segment of this article.

Lastly, make sure that the materials used to make the jigging rod are robust and durable. For instance, the rod itself, when made with fiberglass, is bound to break and crack.

For more information on how to do jig fishing by using the jigging rod and lures, and other accessories, watch this video:

Key Features to Look for When Purchasing a Jigging Rod

Choosing your jigging rod wisely will be the deciding factor on how well your day goes when you are out trolling. It would help if you looked at certain key aspects of the rod before you purchase it.

Length of the Rod

Ensure that the rod is not too long as it will only increase the distance between the bait and your hand, thereby increasing the chances of losing the catch manifold. The shorter the distance between the bait and your hand, the better it will help you reel in your catch onboard much faster.

In this article’s preceding paragraphs, it has been mentioned how a shorter length of the jigging rod will come in helpful while trolling. Ideally, the length should be between 1.7 meters to 2.4 meters (5.5 feet to 7.8 feet).


Ensure that the jigging rod you purchase for trolling has a sturdy backbone; that is, it does not give in under too much weight. A strong spine will have the characteristics of a stretched yet solid cane where even though one end of the cane is doing a bit of heavy lifting, the can-do not break, and it can pull in the heavy object.


Look up the materials used in the manufacturing of the jigging rod. If it is made from cheap and non-durable materials, then it will not last a season, perhaps even less. It is also the case if it is made of high-end materials that are just not cut out for the purpose. For instance, consider the example of fiberglass provided earlier in this article that indicated how it might snap under heavyweight.

Locally Sourced Reel

The reel will need to be maintained regularly. So, ensure that you have it locally sourced from a place that can help you with the reel’s ongoing maintenance. The reel is the most indispensable part of the entire set up, and you need to ensure that it is always maintained well and in tip-top shape.


Ensure that the jigging rod is lightweight so that you can hold it for a long while you wait for the fish to go for the bait. It will also be easier to play with the fish for a while as it will circle round your boat.

Best Jigging Rods for Trolling

Some of the best quality jigging rods available in the market that you can use for trolling are the Rosewood Slow Track fishing rod and the Major Craft Slow Jigging rod.

  • Rosewood Japan Full Fuji Parts Fishing Rod. This fishing rod is ideal for trolling as it has a very sensitive pole tail allowing you to make a quick response whenever there is a strike. The Japanese carbon fiber makes it an extremely durable and light-weight rod.
  • Major Craft CRXJ-B63 / 3SJ B63 / 3SJ Rod. This is another sleek fishing rod with high strength and durability, making it a great choice as a jigging rod that you can troll with. However, compared to the Rosewood, the Major Craft Slow Jigging Rod is slightly more expensive.


Something like a jigging rod will need a certain amount of maintenance to keep the reels going. A well-maintained jigging rod and reel will pay you high dividends when you’re out fishing. Always go for a reel that your local shop supports so that they can help you with ongoing maintenance.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in elaborating on the factors that make it easy to troll with a jigging rod. To maximize the benefits of the jigging rod, make sure that you hone your gut instinct on whether to use the conventional rod or the spinning rod, and that, of course, comes from practice.

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