Daiwa Regal “Bite and Run” Saltwater Fishing Reel – Review

Whether you are new to fishing, a veteran hobbyist, or you are fishing for your livelihood, it is important to always choose the best reel for your fishing rod. When selecting your accessories, you want something that is both comfortable and durable, but it needs to have the added benefit of being reliable, especially in tougher situations where it is down to either making the catch and having enough food for the day or unfortunately letting the prized catch get away. Regardless of your fishing experience, it is crucial to compare the accessories and auxiliary products that are on the market to get a sense of what is good, what is great, and what should not be bought at all. As humans, we value the opinion of others and want to have an informed opinion of a product before we purchase, so in this article, we will seek to make your buying decision that much easier. Firstly, we will start with the features.



The Daiwa Regal fishing reel if definitely sure to impress. Whether purchasing it for yourself or as a gift, it is sure to make others impressed with its capabilities. With that being said, It is important to know what you are getting for your money, and see if it is cost effective. We will go over the design, what is included in the package, and the use of the Daiwa Regal fishing reel.

The Daiwa Regal fishing reel is made of a very durable material and has a light-weight shipping weight of 1.2 lbs, and comes in the dimension of 6 by 6 by 5 (length, width, height) in inches. The Daiwa Regal fishing reel comes equipped with four ball and roller bearings, with the added insurance of an extra free composite spool which can accompany you on your next outing. This great fishing reel has an incredible line capacity dimensions as follows: 10/240, 12/210 and 14/170.

Where the Daiwa Regal fishing reel gets the name “Bite and Run” is where the product shines. There are many products on the market that have tackled this problem, but not have been able to produce such results as the Daiwa Regal fishing reel. The automatic “Bite and Run” mechanic is imperative to your fishing, as it lets the aquatic animal take either a drifted or a trolled bait while they surprisingly feel no resistance or very little of it. One customer reports that they purchased this reel just for the “Bite and Run” mechanic. Pressing the lever on the back down lets the fish take as much drag as you have pre-selected via the easy to use and conveniently placed knob on the back of the reel. This is an important feature, as it prevents an unexpectedly large fish to bring you down with it, or break the reel and take the line with it. On the other side, if the fish is getting away and proves to be cumbersomely elusive, you will instantly notice the drag mechanism making a violent attempt to warn you of this phenomenon. When this occurs, giving the handle a couple turn will give the fish full drag and at this point setting the hook will surprise the fish, and the catch will be yours.

The features of this fishing reel are great, and some customers have even purchased it just because it has come with an extra spool and the amazing 5-star quality. It is ideal for surf fishing game, with carp and catfish being the focus.

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No product review can ever be complete without showing the areas of improvement, and the questions that the customers have asked.

While the Daiwa Regal fishing reel has the incredible “Bite and Run” feature, the opposing view is that the reel is very flexible, so the drag has sometimes been reported as uneven or less than smooth. The lip on the spool has a seam, causing the line to not flow from the reel in a smooth manner during casting. The largest complaint of this rod is that it sometimes feels uneven or stiff. Despite this, the product seems to have a good review of 3.9 of 5 stars after 64 reviews, and the general customer sentiment is that this rod delivers on its promised features.

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