Daiwa Revros Spinning Reel

If you are an avid fisherman, then you know the importance of purchasing the right spinning reel that you can easily use at a moment’s notice. Luckily, Daiwa Revros spinning reel seems to have adequate desirable features of an ideal fishing gear hence making it a great addition to anyone’s tackle box.

Daiwa is one of the most popular and trusted brand in the spinning reels market, and this device offers nothing short of quality performance to enhance your fishing experience. It features some of the most high-end technologies that make it suitable for handling large, hard-fighting fish. Undoubtedly, Revros provides sufficient power conversions that any fisherman expects from such a high-quality spinning reel from Daiwa.

We aimed at finding a mid-range spinning reel that was suitable and flexible enough for a wide range of application. Having reviewed some of the products falling within its price range and after intensive research, Revros scored highest regarding performance and ease of use. Below are some of the distinctive features we found in this unit.


Quality construction

The Revros spinning reel features overall quality construction with decent metallic grey paint finishes that add to its aesthetics. It also comes with a machined handle that is easily collapsible making it convenient to store. The aluminum material used in its construction is highly durable to make it last longer.

Are you tired of the typical spinning reels that require you to use both hands to flip the bail to enable the line to release the casting? Then you will fancy the one-finger casting mechanism incorporated in this device. It allows you to use a single finger to pick up the line by tripping the trigger.



Revros comes fitted with an ABS aluminum spool that will make it easy for you to lay the line. The two factors that determine the casting distance of a spinning reel are how easy it is to lay the line on the reel and how efficient the line slides off the reel. Fortunately, the spool design of Revros has sufficiently addressed both factors to avoid wind knots and multiple loops.

However, during testing, we encountered several instances where the line could fly out of the spool with no specific direction thus resulting in rats nest. But given its relatively low price, Revros is quite an ideal pick.

We were impressed by the reel’s air rotor design. It is relatively lightweight when compared to other typical rotor designs. It’s also specially designed to offer even distribution of stress throughout the motor to provide more strength. This reduced weight and even distribution of weight are quite beneficial in enhancing its efficiency and smoothness during operation.

Other features that Revros employs to guarantee ultra-smooth rotation include the 7 ball bearings, digigear digital gear system, and fast retrieve ratio.

When it comes to retrieval efficiency, Revros offers decent performance, and it was easy to turn its handle. We experienced no vibrations, mechanical sounds or any problems with the gears or motors. Instead, the high-speed retrieval and gear ratio featured by this device did offer maximum control over the reel. This makes Revros a suitable option for professional fishers who like hunting for deep water fish.

We know that most fishers are concerned whether or not their preferred spinning reel is capable of saltwater fishing. Well, we cannot quite confirm or disapprove that Revros is designed for saltwater fishing but we believe that with good rinsing, this device can serve you for longer without degrading its performance.


  • Offer smooth drag
  • Features a lightweight composite body for enhanced efficiency
  • Reasonably affordable given its advanced features
  • Produces high performance
  • Features digigear digital gear system that can withstand any hard fighting fish
  • Comes outfitted with 7+1 bearings to provide smooth performance when in use.


  • Some users have reported drag inconsistency with the use of the machine
  • Its line has a high tendency to twist

Model Number: 

  • REV 2000H
  • REV 2500H
  • REV 3000H
  • REV 4000H

Daiwa Revros spinning reel the most budget-friendly reel when compared to other models manufactured by this brand. But do not mistake its low price for its incompetence in proving you with the essential features you would expect from such a high-end product. Some of the invaluable features include a durable aluminum construct, efficient drag system, and great rollers.

Although it has its share of weaknesses, we are confident that it is a good spinning reel worth a try since it produces better performance than most spinning reels in its price range.

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