Goture Spinning Reel – Review

There are so many different factors to consider when buying a fishing reel. Different types are made for different weather conditions and different fish to be hunted. The basic construction is the same and most reels are spinning reels.

The Goture Reel is one of the best reels currently on the market. Before jumping into a buy, reading a review on the product is always the best decision. The Goture Reel review is based on multiple features and characteristics that the reel possesses to help you be sure you are making the right buy.


This reel has a large caliber drag handle for watching where you launch the reel and retrieval of the reel. It has a graphite frame and the rotor can take its fair share of reeling it up fast.

The body of a reel is normally made up of aluminum or graphite or both. Graphite is a light material for a reel that keeps you going for longer. For saltwater fishing, graphite is the perfect material. The spool of the reel is made of aluminum giving it a mix of strong aluminum and a light graphite material.


The Goture Reel’s size depends on the model you choose. There are 7 models in total. Model 500 and model 1000 have a 5 kg (199g/206g respectively) weight. Model 2000 and model 3000 have a weight of 6 kg (260 g /275g respectively) and lastly the last three models have a 7kg weight.

Size selection is subjective to the fishing line size you want to use. It offers a variety of sizes depending on your preference and need.


The handle of a fishing reel is either two grips or a single grip. This Goture reel is a single grip fishing reel with a metal body and a synthetic cover.

You can tuck away the handle as well with a click of a button that is placed near the reel. The metal is rust free and has a good design.


A lot of reels that specify a certain type of fishing, either salt water or fresh water is a fish out of water when it comes to doing the one of the two it was not made for.

The Goture spinning reel can be used for any type of fishing be it salt water, fresh water as well as ocean rock fishing, ocean boat fishing, lake, river, stream, reservoir or pond. The versatility of having a reel that can go anywhere is an important factor when buying one.


The spool of a reel holds the fishing line. Spools can be made from a range of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, graphite or plastic. The reel is made of double ionized aluminum spool. The spool is lightweight and has smooth oil soaked machinery. It also has 6 covered ball bearings.

Overall, the spool of this reel more than does the job. Various sizes of spools are available in the market. The Goture reel has a compact sized spool.


The drag in any reel is crucial as it lets the reel line play out with as little resistance as possible and is key while catching the fish. The Goture spinning reel has a strong drag and it is made up of carbon fiber with a multi drag system.

The reel also has room for about 150 yards of braid to go around. This strong drag helps keep it tight which tires out the fish when it fights and makes it easier to catch.


The machinery of the reel is extremely important and here is where the Goture spinning reel is unmatched. It has a stainless steel shaft and has solid round bearing which avoid constant roadblocks during operation. The machinery is all corrosion- resistant which is necessary with the constant exposure to water.

It also has an anti-reverse roller bearing and has an overall black and gold finish. The machinery is smooth and crafted to perfection and will not stop running whether in sea water or fresh water.


  • It is overall a compact and small reel and can be carried around easily without being a problem.
  • It has an advanced six ball bearing system and an anti-reverse roller bearing.
  • All the metal is corrosion resistant which keeps it from rusting due to constant water exposure.
  • It is extremely lightweight and is not a heavy piece of machinery to carry around.
  • It has a large caliber drag handle to control launch and retrieval.


  • The gold and black color combination is not liked by a few reviewers as they feel it is an unattractive combination.
  • The assembly screws are not made from stainless steel.
  • The bigger models real are not good for catching trout as it needs a smaller reel for that.

Overall, the Goture reel is definitely worth a buy if you are an avid fisher and it should definitely make it to your next shopping bucketlist. It is high-quality and gives its competition a run for their money. The cost is pretty low for a reel of this quality and it also fits most rods.

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