Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel – Review

Getting the right baitfeeder reel is always very important even for people who just fish for fun. This is primarily because the reel used will determine how convenient and successful the fishing expedition will be. In the current days technology has enabled baitfeeder reels manufactures to make top quality reels. The modern ones have certain features that make fishing extremely simple and convenient. One of the top rated reels is the Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel. This is because this reel has certain unique features that make it stand out.


Features and Specifications

This reel is from the Avenger ABF Series of Baitcasting Reels which are known to provide highly rated performances. One of the main features of this reel is that it uses the Okuma live baiting feeding system. This particular system allows disengagement of the spool and free running without having to open the bail. This is helpful while fishing because it allows the fish to be caught without struggling. This baitfeeder reel also comes with six stainless ball bearings which make the entire process very smooth and simple. Furthermore, this modern reel has a multi disk which is Japanese motivated and is complimented by oiled felt drag washer.


Another important feature of this Okuma Avenger ABF 65 is that it has a graphite body which is corrosion resistant. This is important especially considering that the reel comes into direct contact with water at all times. The fact that is corrosion free means that it can be used both is fresh and salty water without being damaged. This is further complimented by a rigid handle that is made using aluminum consequently making it both light and strong. The importance of this is one can use this particular reel to fish for hours without getting unnecessarily fatigued. Furthermore, there is a handle knob that is machined and also made using aluminum. This handle has different sizes which ranges from forty to eighty therefore giving users options to choose from depending on the kind of fishing being done and the preferences.


This modern reel can be used to catch almost all types of fish mainly because of its design. The main reason behind this is that it comes in different sizes ranging from twenty to ninety consequently allowing it to accommodate most applications. It also has a hydro block water tight drag seal that is helpful in ensuring that the reel has adequate power. The fact that it is water tight means that its operation cannot be affected by water getting into it.


Another important feature of this Okuma Avenger reel is that it comes with a rotor equalizing system that is computer balanced. The importance of this is that it allows precision and at most accuracy while fishing. The size twenty of this reel has been fitted with a precision elliptical gear system that also plays an important role in making sure that all the operations are accurate. In addition the reel has a brass pinion gear that is precision machine cut to further increase the accuracy of the entire system.


To further enhance the efficiency of this Okuma Avenger ABF 65 reel there is an s-Curve oscillating system that is patented. The main reason of being patented is that it has unique qualities that cannot be found in other types of reels. This oscillating system is helpful because it allows the reel to be angled perfectly while being used. This also allows anglers to easily disengage the spinning reel spool consequently allowing bait to run freely. To disengage the system one just needs to turn the handle where the on/off level that is located at the rear area of the reel will disengage the baitfeeding system automatically. This gives the freedom to fight the caught fish using the main drag system. The level on this reel is easy to reach since it is located just behind the handle and this makes the process of disengaging the system easier. The spool can also be adjusted accurately using the micro adjustable drag system that is incorporated in this system.


Using this reel is simple and can be done by almost anyone even people who might be using it for the first time. The most important thing is to understand its various features so as to use them optimally. The specific dimensions of the reel are 12 inches by 12 inches by six inches. This makes it ideal for different types of fishing in different kinds of water. It also means that it can be both carried and stored in a convenient manner. This reel has different capacities depending on the size where it has been used to catch pretty big fish. This makes it ideal to use even while fishing for the fish which are considered to be big. To confirm that it is a quality product it comes with a warranty which is meant to give buyers the assurance that they are buying a quality product.



  • A number of adjustable options which give the users more options to choose from
  • Made using graphite which means that it cannot get damaged by water regardless of whether it is fresh or salt water
  • It is light but strong which makes it ideal to catch even the relatively big fish
  • A smooth bearing system which allows smooth operation of the entire system
  • A patented design which makes it a unique reel with outstanding features
  • A warranty which confirms that it is a quality product



  • The reel is considered to be a bit heavier mainly because of the many features
  • The gears can strip out if it is not used properly and this might take a lot of time to repair


Final Verdict

From this Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Review it is evident that this reel has a lot of features that make it stand out. The makers of this particular reel have done a lot of research for many years to ensure that they identify all the features that need to be on an efficient reel. The state of the art features compliment each other in a way that they make fishing more efficient and simpler. The most important thing while using this reel is to know how to adjust the different options s as to get the best results. Taking care of the reel is also simple since it is made using top quality materials. Therefore, even though there are a few issues, Okuma Avenger ABF Graphite Bait Feeder Reel is definitely one of the top reels when it comes to efficient fishing.

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