Okuma Fishing Tackle Corp Trio, High Speed Spinning Reel – Review

Fishing can only be fun when you have the best quality tools. Most of the people do not pay attention to the tools that they have while they are going for fishing. This is the reason they have to deal with different issues like the reel will break or they will be unable to give catch the fish. Sometimes the reel will stop working in the middle and you will waste most of your time fixing your reel and its motor.

When it comes to buying the fishing reel, there is a huge variety of products available in the market. However, it becomes tough to decide that whether they are worth your time or not. the professionals will tell by a single look whether the product is high-quality or not. However, the beginners get easily confused and that is why they are often unable to select the best item. To help you get out of this situation we have a reliable product for you. Okuma trio claims to be one of the best reels available in the market. Here we have the complete review of the product that will help you make the right decision.


Okuma Fishing Tackle Corp

Okuma trio high speed reel is one of the best reels available in the market. Okuma has been working in the industry for many years and they are known for their quality and speed when it comes to the reel production. They have set the standards high in the market by designing the reels with the latest features that will meet all the requirements of their customers. Okuma fishing tackle corp. has the similar best quality features and design that has made it hard for the competitors to develop the same kind of product.

The biggest attraction of the product is the speed that you will get with it. Once you will catch the fish in the reel you will not have to wait for the reel to come back because chances are the fish might get free and you will lose everything you have worked so hard for. that is why the speed of the reel has been managed with such perfection that you will never lose your fish. It will bring back the thread with such a great speed that you will not have to worry about anything. You will notice that soon the fish will be in your boat and you will be headed home.

For the manufacturing of the product best quality material has been used. The producer has paid special attention to the weight and durability of the product and that is why they have been able to manufacture the best technology product. It is so light in weight that you can easily carry it in your pocket and take it anywhere you like. As well as once you will start using the item you will notice that how smooth it is. The reel will come back perfectly without any kind of hindrance.

It is perfect for the beginners and the professionals. The real is easily portable and you will not have to worry about the extra weight. Even the bearings of the Okuma trio has been manufactured in a special way to assure that you will have the best fishing experience in your life. You will never regret investing in the Okuma trio because it has available at the best most affordable rate. Beginners can easily practice of the fishing reel and they will love the experience they will get from the item.

Features of Okuma trio

Here are some of the interesting features you will come across in the high-speed reel

  1. It has the hybrid spool design that makes it stronger. You will also get an aluminum lip and graphite arbor with the product.
  2. The crossover graphite and aluminum hybrid body and rotor design make it easy to use
  3. The high speed reel has been manufactured with the Dual Force Precision Drag System. It will incorporate the entire surface of the spool to enhance the high end drag pressure, overall smoothness as well as the efficiency of the product.
  4. You will get a roller bearing, quick set and anti-reverse technology with the Okuma high speed reel.
  5. It has the 1 RB and 10 BB stainless steel bearing for more durability.


Some of the amazing benefits that you will come across in the Okuma trio are.

  1. The Okuma trio is versatile in nature and you can use it to catch all types and size of fish.
  2. It has been manufactured with the latest features
  3. Crossover design makes the reel smooth and lightweight.
  4. Three different versions are available as well as it is pocket friendly which makes it easy portable.
  5. The dual force drag system makes fishing with high speed reel extra smooth
  6. It line retrieving speed is very fast
  7. It has an attractive and strong design and the anodize aluminum parts make it more sturdy
  8. The performance of the casting is enhanced because of the aluminum lip


Some of the drawbacks that you might come across while using the product are.

  1. Customer want the retriever to be 9 BB for smoother performance
  2. The quality of the components is poor
  3. The reel might render to be unusable after long-term use
  4. After sometime the reel might start making cracking noises.

Final verdict

If you are planning to buy a high-quality and smooth reel that will allow you to manage everything in the water perfectly, Okuma fishing tackle corp. will be your perfect your perfect choice. It has been manufactured with the best quality material that will serve you for a long time. no doubt there are some issues with the reel but it will be worth your time and money. Assure that you buy the product from the original retailer because only then you will get the real item. Enjoy fishing.

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