Penn Warfare Level Wind Conventional Fishing Reel – Review

Saltwater fishing is the most bomb-proof and stoutest fishing gear. These conventional fishing reels are best for offshore fishing of different species and can be categorized as a grouper, tuna, or mackerel.

You can get any cheap fly reel for fishing with little consequence. But if you want to land on a saltwater quarry, it is wise to put real investment in your fishing success.

The market today owns different types of spin casting reels from different brands. It makes the buying process a bit overwhelming and intimidating. To buy the best fishing reel, do your proper research and then decide to buy it.

Recently we have come across Penn Warfare’s fishing reel and tried it to know how it is different from other reels.

The Penn Warfare Level Wind Conventional Fishing Reel is a unique product with several features. It is best to use for both the beginners and the pro fishers.

So here, we will share our review of the Penn Warfare fishing reel by highlighting its features, and its pros and cons.

Features of Penn warfare fishing reel

  • Convenient to use

Penn warfare reel is easy to use even for the beginners and the pros. This level wind fishing reel has large and extended power handles. They are pretty easy to use and allow them to generate more power and leverage large fish.

The extended handles made of aluminum and drag are well constructed. You can easily handle the star drag even in the middle of fishing.

You can also hear the drag adjustment to know where you are in the drag while landing the fish. The spool lever works effectively to switch between free and engaged spools.

It is quite irritating to knock the setting while baiting large fish. That’s why graphite reels are best as they reduce the amount of fatigue caused by the larger reels.

  • Provide better Casting

Conventional fishing reels are not meant to be like a bait-caster. Still, having the functionality to cast accurately with some distance is important.

The level wind conventional fishing model in titanium nitrate. It is extra wide that helps to reduce friction and allows any knot to pass through.

The level wind model has a non-disengaging spool that makes casting better. The line counter may be a little jumpy, but it will keep accurate measurements of line. The fishing reel works well even if a lot of weight is tugging on them.

  • Better bearing system

Penn warfare fishing reels have a bearing ball system that eases the retrieval process without any flaw. This feature affects the overall performance of the fishing reel.

According to customer reviews, Penn warfare reels are better and beats all the competitors. That is all because of a better bearing system.

  • Best construction

Penn warfare level wind fishing reels have frames and side plates of graphite material. This quality of Penn warfare keeps both weight and price down. That’s why this fishing reel is available at more compatible rates than other reels of the same size.

Penn brand uses aluminum rings in the side plates. This will extra support to the frame of the reel. Yet, frames and side plates are also constructed in the best way.

Graphite may not be the best choice to take more force and smooth working. That’s the reason Penn warfare uses aluminum in the product manufacture.

Another reason to rely on Penn is that they also use a v-shaped design in front and back of the spool frame. It will help to distribute the pressure and torque while lifting and cracking power into big fish that are running deep.

  • Durability

Many spinning reels tend to last for some time, and then they snap. But, Penn warfare fishing reels have pro fishers in mind, and they are constructed using graphite and aluminum. Therefore, Penn warfare fishing bait will last longer than your expectations.

The other benefit of aluminum is that it provides protection from rust and leaves the fishing reel with the ergonomic look. Its rubber knob also provides you with a better grip while working on big and small fishes.

  • Model breakdown of Penn warfare

Penn warfare has the specialty of 2 lines of reel models. They are warfare level wind model and drag model. Both models almost contain the same characteristics and features; we will discuss below.

The 2 models of Penn warfare star drag are War30 and WAR20N. The Penn warfare wind line has more options. It is wind level, indicates line counter, and left-handed fishers can also use it easily.

The other Penn warfare models include WAR15LW, WAR15LWLH, WAR15LC, WAR15LWLCLH, WAR20LW, WAR20LWLH, WAR20LWLC, WAR20LWLCLH, WAR30LW, WAR30LWLH, WAR30LWLC, and WAR30LWLCLH. For more detail

Why is Penn Warfare fishing reel a top-pick?

Penn warfare is the choice of anglers because of the following reasons.

  • Lightweight graphite frame and side plates
  • Aluminum ring reinforcements
  • Machined brass pinion and main drive gears
  • HT-100 Carbon Fiber Drag System
  • Level Wind and Star Drag Model Options
  • Line Counter Options
  • Oversized fighting handle
  • Shielded, stainless steel ball bearings
  • Instant Anti-Reverse
  • Electronic aluminum spool.
  • Braid ready and line capacity


  • Wide level wing
  • Highly flexible
  • Bearing system
  • Left-handed trolling reel
  • Auto-clutch and clicker option
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Large power handle
  • Fantastic HT-100 drag
  • Line capacity rings
  • Great for cod
  • Great for rockfish
  • Non- disengaging wind level
  • Very affordable


  • Start-up inertia is a bit high at drag ranges
  • Somehow drag below average.
  • A little bit longer handle.
  • The line counter is somehow jump


The pros of peen warfare fishing reel supersede the cons. If you are going to buy it, you will enjoy fresh design, a high degree of flexibility, and more comfortability. This product may also last longer than other fishing reels. Buying this reel will also relieve you of the more relevant issues you face while fishing. The cons of the reel are within the realms of level wind fishing reels. Make sure to buy this Penn warfare conventional fishing reel so that you can redefine your fishing experience.

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