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Today we’re taking a look at the Seigler SG Lever Drag Reel. Seigler used to be true reels you choose to be released reels. It’s just a really awesome design and it looks different than reels. You’ve probably also seen if you’ve never seen this design. By the way they built it’s generally tongue and groove, so you can see how much freedom you have in terms of space around the spool. This is a true freak a free floating spool to take it out as much material as they can. There the connections are at the left of the reel but it still super solid but it makes it nice and lightweight.
It weighs in at just 13.6 ounces. It does have a big big huge gear. This gear is larger than 130 TI core that’s how big it is and how powerful it is. You’re getting a lot of powerful, power out of this reel in a small package, so you can basically handle anything from the beach or from a boat. Many guys love it because you can just cast for days and ages, the cast you get on this rail are just absolutely incredible 28 pounds of drag at max. There is a clicker which is a spool centering knob, so you can center the spool and there also have magnetic cast control right there. It made in the USA comes with a lifetime warranty on it. The only difference between this and the truth reels is the color scheme. This used to be an all-black reel hanging in a smoke blue, smoke red and smoke silver, and it’s just a great caster rail.

If you are looking for a reel, maybe you’re considering getting one of those oldsalty, the SL 30 surf, then get this instead. Newer, better reel and you’re just going to have more fun with it. All aluminum construction like I said lifetime warranty on this thing. It’s got the 6 ball bearings in there and it’s made in virginia and if you like high-quality American stuff. It’s available all three of those colors that I mentioned so check it out it’s the Sigler SG Lever Drag Reel. They are in stock and available.


  • Weight (oz)2
  • Bearings:6
  • Body Material:Aluminum
  • Color:Black
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank (in):38″
  • Line Capacity Mono (yds/lb):275/20
  • Handle Shape:Aluminum Ball handle
  • Max Drag (lbs):28
  • Line Capacity Braid (yds/lb):500/40
  • Gear Ratio:0:1
  • Spool Material:Aluminum
  • Retrieve:Right

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