Shimano Curado K 200 Baitcasting Reel – Reviews

Today we take a look at the Shimano Curado K 200 Baitcasting reel. This is a brand new published by ICAST 2017 and this is the high gear ratio model of the 200 sized Curado. You’re looking at the end this is an 6.2.1 gear ratio, so the Curado was completely redesigned. The Shimano’s pack more of their new technology into there, it’s got a hook on a metal body on there, it’s got a CI 4+ side plate, so it’s nice and light weight reel. It’s weighs in at just 7.6 ounces you can see the design of it is different. It just a little different design, a little bit more aggressive design. You can see in the gear box is not around it’s got sort of a point, it Just a different design. let’s see in there, it’s just different looking, it’s cool looking, really nicely in your hand. It’s got a good feel when hold it. The things they packed in there are the bed. It’s already an X-Ship and they’re SVS infinity braking system, casts control system which is you can adjust it right there. It’s got the S 3D stable spool design to reduce vibration and powerful drag system 11 pounds of drag at max disengaging level wind system.
Great free spool on this reel and it’s just a pleasure to fishing on the Curado. It’s like the staple of Shimano’s line almost like the strata could be an innovating reel and then just keep making it better and better with each model, so if you’re looking for a fresh water baitcasting reel with 200 size or maybe you do look little bit of light saltwater fishing. It’s definitely a great option. I wrote this post; many people tell me that this baitcasting reel work really well for them that reason why I recommend this reel to you. It looks like Shimano made it stand out a little bit with that beautiful gold ring there. They’ve always got to put some sort of gold in there.

This is the high, high speed version of the Curado 200 for their high speed gear ratio reel. It’s going to hold about a 190 ounces 230-pound test braid or if you’re fishing Fluorocarbon or Mono it’s about a 150 of 10. I think it’s going to be a huge hit. I think, you are going to love it and having just a ton of fun. Check it out it’s the Shimano Curado K 200 Baitcasting reel and they are in stock.

Product Details:

  • Weight (oz)6
  • Bearings:7
  • Body Material:Hagane metal
  • Color:Black
  • Line Retrieve Per Crank (in):26″
  • Line Capacity Mono (yds/lb):180/8 . 155/10 . 110/14
  • Handle Shape:Double paddle handle
  • Max Drag (lbs):11


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