Shimano Exsence 4000 EXS MXG Spinning Reel – Review

Today we’re looking at the Shimano Exsence 4000 EXS MXG spinning reels.  These are brand new from Shimano. They were released at ICAST 2017 and they are finally in stock. This is a very specific reel. This   was designed specifically for the redfish, trout. Everyone who are fishing in shallow water mainly in the Gulf. If you look at this spool you can see how shallow it is. I mean in terms of braid. It’s only going to hold 120 yards or 20-pound test braid somewhere around there, not a lot of line for guys who want to do other stuff with it. It is really made for shallow water fishing but of those type of reels it’s pretty much the best. I mean Shimano through a ton of Technology in this. It’s a crazy lightweight. It’s made out of magnesium body. It’s got a carbon fiber rotor at the second generation to call it Magnemite rotor, 11 corrosion resistant ball bearings in there. 12 total and it weighs in just at 8.6 ounces and especially this one just crazy smooth. I mean incredibly smooth. Anyone have been playing with this reel since it came in the other day and just loving how smooth it is. It also puts out 24 pounds of drag at max. It’s got smoothness, it’s super lightweight, super powerful and it’s just one of those future type reels.

Product Description:

Now that comes with a price tag, it’s not a cheap reel but in terms of the quality of it and what it can do it’s pretty amazing. The other technology that Shimano is put in their side from wells cruises to ball bearings. We’ve got our labyrinth water resistant system where you get this thing wet and the water drains down a certain way and stays away from all the no major components. It’s got the G-free body design and the redesign of the body to make it more efficient again that powerful waterproof drag system. The million clicks on it and you’re a nice smooth trip to it. It’s just a really really nice reel. If you are fishing in water this is perfect for those redfish and drop that down the Gulf that’s what this reel is for and that’s what it’s targeted for. It’s just a great reel specifically for that or if you have another use maybe doing.

If I’m fishing on an individual basis and you don’t need a lot of line but you want something awesome, this is it. I mean, it basically called the twin power for red fisherman. Check it out. It’s the Shimano exsence 4000 spinning reel. This is the largest one in the series. They only make a 3,000 and 4,000 and they are in stock and available.


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