The Best Fly Reels made in USA

Whether you are a lover of fishing, or if you have just entered this exciting sport that tests the patience and technique of all who participate in it, you must be clear about what you need to be able to carry out a full fishing day with guarantees of success. Apart from all the standard fishing equipment. There is something that no fisherman can choose lightly: the fishing reel.

The fishing reels, are if any doubt, the second most important element to be able to carry out a good fishing. In this case, the first element to choose with careful patience will always be the cane. Of course, but with choosing a good cane we will not be able to finish the task. No fishing rod is good but has a good reel to go with it.

Throughout history, fishing reels have undergone multiple changes and evolutions, resulting in sophisticated mechanisms with technological elements that have elevated modest fishing activity to the next level. While, sometimes the variety more than an advantage can be a drawback, especially if you’re a novice in fly fishing. That is why, before choosing your reel you must make a conscious study of all the possible options of the market.

If you live in the United States, you should know that there is a long list of fly reels made in the United States, so if you like to buy national and quality products, the following list of the best American fly fishing reels will be of great help.

Today, there are many American brands and manufacturers to choose from, whether they are of greater or lesser commercial scope. All offer the sportsman automatic carts made from 100% US-made parts. So, whatever kind of fishing you do, there will be a reel of American fly fishing perfect for you.

In the following list, we will give you the names of the best fly reels made in USA, we will give you a small description of their products and all their advantages. Make a note of it!

Fly Reels Made in USA

Abel TR Fly Reel

All products of the Abel series are produced entirely in Montrose, in its Colorado factory. The Abel TR Fly Reel is considered one of the best reels for fly fishing for trout.

This beautiful reel is made of top quality materials to ensure efficient and safe performance. It has a nice bright finish, its light structure will allow us to enjoy long fishing days without having to suffer the discomfort of a heavy and bulky reel. It has a reel of sealed and fast-acting trawling, which will allow us to do a good fishing of trout and in fast waters.

Moreover, thanks to its structure and parts of high quality ,its maintenance will be minimal. Guaranteeing us a quality use and satisfactory in the long term.


  • It has an advanced design that is resistant to water corrosion
  • It has a sealed drag system
  • A sophisticated click-pawl system
  • Its design and functionality are designed to be used in a totally safe, accident-free manner
  • It has a high quality fast change reel – high precision

This reel is ideal if you are looking to be able to catch medium weight fish in a precise and fast way.

Tibor Reels- The Everglades Reel

This reel brand is well known among lovers of fly mode. All the products of this great brand are made in his factory in Delray Beach, Florida.

The Everglades Reel from Tibor is considered one of the fastest and most versatile fly fishing reels on the market. It is composed of stainless steel parts and a gear completely covered by ultra-resistant ceramic.

On the other hand, its reel has a perfect diameter that allows a smooth and fast line recovery. Fishing with this reel will be music to your ears. Any lover of fishing and high precision, need this reel.

Possibly, the only catch that can be put to this reel is its price. However, the quality of the product and its strength make up for it.


  • Its coil has a wide diameter
  • Has a wide variety of finishes
  • Its frame is light and occupies little space
  • Holds up to 9 rod weights

Ross Reels Evolution LTX

This reel is the best choice on the market for saltwater fly fishermen. Of course, the Ross Reels brand manufactures all its products by hand with American products at its factory in Montrose, Colorado.

The best thing about this reel is the smoothness of its trawl system, which combined with its sophisticated stacked disc design, will allow us to catch really heavy fish. It has an aluminum alloy structure 6061-T6, which makes it very resistant to water corrosion, even if that water contains a high concentration of salt. Altogether it is a light reel, nice to carry and very beautiful aesthetically.

By contrast, this fly reel is also among the most expensive on the market. However, the quality, the precision and the beautiful finishes justify the price.


  • Great smoothness in towing system
  • Great strength for fishing large and heavy pieces
  • Features a greased bronze bushingl, also vailable in black or silver color
  • Corrosion resistant

Lamson Liquid Fly Fishing Reel

The brand Lamson Liquid manufactures all kinds of fly reels in fresh water, making all their products with American parts in their factory in Boise, Idaho.

This fly fishing reel is different from the rest, as it is made by combining the moulding technique with plaster combined with traditional mechanics. Undoubtedly, the results of these two techniques are surprising, resulting in a reel really good in its function and surprisingly affordable for its quality. In addition, it has a frame and reel made entirely of die-cast aluminum.

On the other hand, the reel has a fully sealed conical drag system, something that makes it different from other systems on the market. However, this difference only makes it more exceptional, being perfectly composed of a set of full radius curves and inner corners of little radius.

Without a doubt, a very interesting option for fly fishing, both for its quality and for its price.


  • Its price
  • Tapered conveyor system sealed
  • Reel and frame made of corrosion-resistant aluminum

Aspen Reels

The Aspen Reels company is a well-known reel-fishing brand specializing in fly fishing. All its products are made with 100% American pieces in the town of San Marcos, California.

The Aspen 400 fly fishing reel is one of the most comprehensive options on the market. It has a high precision gazebo, which allows a soft and adjustable drag. On the other hand, it gives us the opportunity to regulate the tension of the line to our liking, so that we can get to do great fishing and collect them with great ease.

Also noteworthy is its sealed trawl system that combines teflon and stainless steel, ensuring a fishing experience with minimal friction.


  • Unbeatable price quality
  • Resistant teflon and steel drag system
  • Smooth and lightweight handling
  • Capacity to withstand 6 to 8 Ib
  • Simple and functional design

Teton Classic Reel

The reels of the Teton brand are distinguished as the most classic and functional of their specialty.

They are inexpensive reels but not of lesser quality, because their structure of machined aluminum is thick, makes them resistant and durable to the passage of time and to the effect of corrosion. They are very versatile, being equally good for fly fishing in both fresh and saltwater. In addition, it has a sealed drag system that will hardly need maintenance over time, thanks to the quality and resistance of the materials with which it is made.

On the other hand, it is worth noting its fixed-circle towing system, which works without problems but makes a little noise when the drag is adjusted to very low levels. Another great advantage is its appearance. It is an undoubtedly beautiful reel for its Dymond wood recovery handle coated by quality polished epoxy.


  • Very good price
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Convertible from left to right
  • Able to hold 100 yards with 20 Ib backrest
  • Valid for fresh and salt water

Avet MXL5.8 Reels

These reels are distinguished by having light coils that allow for quick and effective recovery and casting. They are composed of aluminum gears, giving them greater resistance to oxidation and deterioration over time. As the main innovation, it presents an alarm clicker that will warn us when we are distracted.


  • Anonized coating
  • Silent and durable backlash system Carbon fibre trawls
  • One-piece frame
  • Steel gears
  • Easy handling
  • Capacity up to 14 Ib drag

These are some of the major American brands of fly fishing reels. Of course, they are not the only ones available in the market, but they are the most in demand, both for their quality and for their price.

With any of these reels you can enjoy fly fishing with all the guarantees of success. They are 100% American products, destined to offer a quality fishing for any lover of this sport.

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