Top 10 Best Baitcasting Reels Under 100 Review

One of the outdoor activities that attract a very large number of people is fishing, this is a very interesting activity which started many centuries ago with a piece of string tied to a pole with a sharpened piece of bone as a hook. The primary purpose was to catch fish as a source of food. Today we still have the same basic fishing implements but with modernization and the added introduction of a reel as part of the basic tools.

We still fish with the purpose of outwitting the fish and once we have it on the hook our primary aim is to land the fish. This epic battle between man and fish is to decide who will be crowned as the ultimate winner. This happens immaterial of the kind of fisherman you are and what your ultimate aim with the fish you have caught. Every angler dreams of this battle.

The outcome of the battle is dependent on two different factors the knowledge and experience of the fisherman to help with bait selection and what to do to get the fish interested in your bait. Secondly, there is an old saying that a craftsman is just as good as his tools, the same applies to a fisherman, who must have the right equipment for the task at hand. One of the most important pieces of equipment that are needed to ensure that the battle goes to the angler is his choice of the reel.

One of the reels on the market is the baitcasting reel which is also known as a conventional reel because the line is rolled onto a spool that revolves and is supported by bearings. The reel is also called a “Multiplying” reel. One revolution of the handle leads to multiple spool revolutions. When one wants to buy a bait casting reel there are various factors which must be used to determine which one will be the best. If one wants to decide which baitcasting reel that can be bought for under $100.00 is the best, there are a few factors that can be used to evaluate the candidates.

The first factor is that the price must be $100.00 or less, this is the price range in which it must fall.

The second factor to use is to determine if the casting of the frame was done in one piece or more than one. The most expensive reels are normally cast in one piece for increased strength. The metal normally used is aluminium.

The third factor to consider is the gears of the reel and the gear ratio which is used. This ratio plays a very big role when you cast and when you must reel your bait in. The ratio also determines the number of times that your spool will rotate when you turn the handle.

The fourth factor to consider is the total weight of the reel, it must be light enough to ensure easy use but heavy enough to ensure that it can stand up to the pressures of bait casting.

KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel – 11 +1 Shielded Bearings

With this review, it is the aim to provide you with a choice of reels to select from, one of the quality reels on the list is the KastKing’s Royale Legend which can be bought for under 100$ from Amazon, this reel provides value for money at this price. This price, when compared with other reels, is cheap and makes it affordable. The reel is real quality and is not made of inferior materials.

The spool is manufactured from aluminum and offers great strength when having to battle a big fish. It won’t let you down and you can depend on it.

The gears are made from brass which was precision cut with a configuration of 7:0:1 which enables a fast winding of the line when casting and enough power when you must bring your catch in. There is also 11 ball bearings to ensure smooth turning of the spool which gives you a strong drag which is smooth and which won’t let your fish throw the hook.

The reel weighs in at 7.5oz which makes it light enough to use for long periods without your wrist becoming painful. It is strong enough to take the rigours of fishing. The design was really done with the comfort of the older angler in mind.

The reel is very versatile and can be used for different types of fishing in fresh or saltwater. You can with ease fish for bass or trout in any conditions and won’t shy away from ice fishing.

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Abu Garcia BMAX3 Max Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia BMAX3 Max Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel is designed for both the experienced and beginners. It features an ergonomic design and quality construction to make it comfortable. It is easy to use. You can use it for years for heavy bass. This reel comes with stainless steel ball bearings, a consistent braking system that will prevent the line from tangling and snarling. You can use it for shallow and deep water.


  • Graphite side plates and graphite frame.
  • Lightweight and sleek and stylish design.
  • Power Disk system for smooth drag performance.
  • 1 roller bearing and 4 stainless steel ball bearings for the effortless retrieve.
  • MagTrax brake system for customizable cast control.
  • Recessed reel foot and compact bend handle to get a comfortable grip.

Why should you buy?


This reel comes with a durable construction to last for years. The sturdy design will work best for heavy bass fish. The graphite material will offer additional strength without adding any weight. It is durable, strong. It offers smooth performance as well.


Abu Garcia BMAX3 is user-friendly. It is easy to use. The ergonomic design will enable you to focus more on your cast and retrieval. The handle is bent a little to offer the required comfort. It weighs only 7.9 ounces.

Ideal for heavy fishes

You can cast large bass without any difficulty. It has 4 stainless steel ball bearings and double brass gear to offer better performance. It is resistant to corrosion and rust.

Smooth functioning

It comes with an effective brake system to perform smoothly. You just need to put steady pressure during the cast and retrieval to cast fish. The bent handle is made for easy and convenient reach.


This reel is affordable. It can withstand normal wear and tear. Besides, it will be supported by one-year limited warranty.


Abu Garcia BMAX3 Max Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel has received only positive reviews. The users recommended it for easy setup, quality, performance, and affordability.

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Okuma Ceymar C 30 Lightweight Spinning Reel

Okuma Ceymar c30 is designed for all those who are looking for a lightweight reel and smooth performance. This reel comes with a graphite composition frame and rotor and a skeletonized spool to make it one of the best choices for fresh water species. It is affordable and can fit your budget. The reel is paired with the medium power fast action shot rod and is spooled with Sufix braid, Line Fluorocarbon, and Fluoroclear Copolymer to work flawlessly.


  • Precision Elliptical Gearing System.
  • Multi-disc and oil felt drag system.
  • Gear ratio: 5.0:1.
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing.
  • 7BB + 1RB bearing system.

Why should you buy?


This reel is considered good for different types of water and locations including dense vegetative regions and clear lakes. It can withstand dirt, swamp grime, and dust. You can also submerge it in dirty water for a few minutes. All these will not affect the functionality.

Smooth drag system

The drag system of this reel is strong and smooth. It is able to catch big and violent fishes such as bass and oversized catfish. The drag dial will come with an audible click for simple adjustments. The adjustment knob offers a good idea about the loosening and tightening of your drag.


Thus fishing reel can be used for a long time with a little maintenance. You can throw it on the dirt, dust, around your car, and park anywhere. All these will not affect the performance and durability. The rotor and frame are extremely lightweight. The EVA foam crank handle will not be damaged easily.

Ease of use

Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel is easy to use. You can easily open the bail and cast the lure and then you can close the bail and reel. It can be done by any without any expertise. It feels smooth and comfortable. Lack of slop and tight tolerance make this reel easy to use. You will live catching fish.


Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning is highly appreciated by users. You will find many positive comments. This reel is appreciated for the price, lightweight, quality build, compact size, and improved performance. You will find one or two negative reviews. A few customers want improvement in quality and drag system.

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Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Reel

At a respectably low price (well below $100) the Abu Garcia Pro Max Low Profile Reel features a double anodized aluminum spool, seven stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing, a power disk system for improved drag performance, and a Maftrax brake system. All of these features combined create a baitcasting reel that’s a force to be reckoned with.

A total line capacity of over 140 yards is a noteworthy feat, especially at such an affordable price point. Weighing in at just over 7 ounces, it’s lightweight enough to afford a full day’s fishing without any strain. Some professional, more expensive reels are much heavier than this, and are definitely less enjoyable to use for extended periods of time. The gear is constructed from brass, making it incredibly durable; which is precisely what you’re looking for. Additionally, the ergonomic handle and recessed reel feet make for a comfortable fishing experience, whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned fisherman.

Additionally, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the reel. While there may be baitcaster reels that offer a slightly smoother experience, the fact that this reel is ideal for extra-long casts balances things out a bit. It’s a good starter reel for sure, though that shouldn’t stop the experts from giving it a bash either. The 7+1 stainless steel ball bearing system provides a smooth retrieve, which further serves to prove that it’s a good choice for “newbie” fishermen. A line retrieval rate of 29” per turn of the handle is not to be sniffed at, making it a great option for working high speed retrieves or searching vast expanses of water.

The reel features a ceramic line guide, which doesn’t have a negative impact on casting. Furthermore, it does a good job of distributing the line evenly on the spool. It maintains decent cranking power, although it is true that the high gear ratio causes a decrease in the overall amount of power it can generate.

The Pro Max doesn’t come with an overabundance of bells and whistles. If you’re looking for peak reliability, though, there’s no need for any frills. When you’re on a budget and want something durable, this is the ultimate choice for you.

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Since the late 1940s, Lew’s has been leading the pack in terms of fishing tackle innovation. In terms of looks and affordability, the Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcasting Reel does not disappoint. The one-piece die-cast aluminium frame is remarkably lightweight, and allows for fantastic casting control. Because the Lew’s Speed Spool LFS Baitcasting Reel is a smaller palmable reel, it reduces unnecessary strain and hand fatigue. With this little beauty you can fish all day long and not need to take a break. Weighing in at a mere 6.9 ounces, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular with beginners and expert fishermen alike. If what you’re looking for is easy-to-use cast control, the Magnetic Control System (MCS) on this reel is externally adjustable. It enables you to make the necessary adjustments quickly and without any fuss. Changing weather conditions and different lures can be a pain in the neck if you’re not equipped with a reel that’s made for adjusting on the fly.

The 10 bearings system on this baitcasting reel contains 9+1 double shielded stainless steel bearings that are metal shielded with a double-sided shield. What makes these shields so important is the fact that they drastically reduce the chances of salt or sand negatively affecting

bearing rotation. By reducing friction between the moving parts within the reel, these ball bearings ensure a that the reel keeps moving freely despite potentially heavy drag and winding.

The reel provides some impressive drag power, making it ideal for almost any fishing situation. It’s perfect for catching most common fish species without a problem; which is why it’s suitable for both recreational and tournament fishing. The durable Rulon drag system allows for a 10 lb max drag. That’s fairly impressive for such a small reel.

For the most part, this reel is designed for freshwater fishing. However, additional corrosion resistance properties mean that it can be used for the occasional saltwater fishing trip. As long as it’s cleaned with fresh water after every use, this reel will last a long time. The easily removable graphite side-plates are highly durable and contribute to the overall strength of the item.

This reel really gets you your money’s worth. In terms of drag smoothness, strength, and overall design, you’d be hard-pressed to find better quality at the same cost.

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Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Reel

Ambassadeur is a popular model. It has been in this industry since 1952. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Reel of one of the best creations of Ambassadeur. It is highly appreciated for the quality material and improved performance. It comes with two stainless steel ball bearings to deliver reliable and quality performance with each cast.  This fishing reel will help you to cast different varieties of fish irrespective of condition.


  • Made of high-quality materials and components.
  • Professional fishing equipment designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Tested for durability and quality.
  • Has a drag star and bent handle that offer anglers an ergonomic feel.
  • Sizes are available in right and left-handed models.
  • Two stainless steel ball bearing for easy operation.
  • Multi-disc drag system to offer smooth drag performance.

Why should you buy?

4-pin centrifugal brake system: It comes with the 4-pin centrifugal brake system that offers enhanced precision and control. If you combine with the synchronized level wind, it will be able to withstand different types of weather condition and environmental changes.

Quality material: Ambassadeur is known for quality and performance. This fishing reel is the combination of both these. In fact, it has received many positive reviews for overall reliability and smooth casting. All these features make it one of the best fishing reels available in the current market.

Dual options: One additional benefit of Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Reel is that it comes with right and left-hand options. When a few fishing reels come with an adjustable lever placement to meet the requirements of both types, this model features some additional features to create a more customizable reel. That means the anglers will not reattach themselves to the lever.


Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Reel has received mostly positive reviews. Many users are satisfied with the quality build and improved performance. They recommend this product for smooth functioning, great drag, affordability, and easy to use features. You will not find any single negative review for the quality and efficiency.

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Docooler 10BB Left/Right Hand Bait Casting Fishing Reel

Are you looking for one of the best casting fishing reels to meet your unique requirements? Do you want some advanced features and durability? If yes, you should consider buying Docooler Casting Fishing Reel. This fishing reel is designed to enhance the experience of users. It is technically developed. It has the ability to meet your specific demands.


  • High-tensile gear and low noise.
  • Double brass ratch and CNC machine cut aluminum spool.
  • Magnetic brake system and fully adjustable cast control.
  • It is supported by Docooler warranty.

Why should you buy?

High-quality: Docooler Casting Fishing Reel is made of a high-quality material to offer a durable result. It is not about durability only; it is lightweight as well. It can accompany you whenever you want. You can get a full control of it. The fishing reel weighs only 212 grams.

Stylish design: You will appreciate the silver color body. The silver color can be easily mixed with water and will not get the attention of the prey. In addition, you will love the impressive look.

Nine ball bearings: This fishing reel will come with nine fishing ball bearing. These are incorporated to boost the number of times the spool rotates while the handle is rotated for a single time. The ball bearings will offer a ratio of 6 .3:1. That will make very high turning speed.

Accuracy: Fishing is not possible without accuracy. While catching a fish, you need to be very accurate so that you will not miss the chance. The reel works smoothly and will not create any sound. As the result, the preys will not be disturbed. It is easy to operate as well.


Docooler Casting Fishing Reel has received mixed reviews from customers. Some users find it affordable, efficient, easy to use, and durable. They have recommended this reel for all those who want a quality and durable fishing reel at an affordable price. When it comes to the negative point, a few users are not satisfied with the longevity. They think that this fishing reel works nice, but it will not serve you for a long time. These are a few negative comments. But if you go through the overall reviews, you will find it worth buying.

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Noeby Low Profile Baitcasting Reel with 10+1 Ball Bearings

NOEBY Low Profile Baitcasting Reel can be used in saltwater. It is recommended for all those who are looking for a high-performance baitcasting reel. It is equipped with a magnetic braking system that is adjustable. It ensures complete control of the cast from beginning to the end. It can be used to cast a 1-7g lure. CNC assembled dual-coated aluminum spool comes with full line capacity. Brass gears are of high-level strength and are accurately machined.


10+1 stainless steel bearings One-way clutch system Gear ratio 6:3:1 Line capacity (Lb/Yd) is 10/125, 12/100Reel weight 7.0oz/198gMax Drag 11lb/5kg

Why purchase it?


Most of the baitcasting reels available are not saltwater safe. This reel can be safely used in all different types of water bodies including salt water. Salt water is in no way going to affect its functionality in any manner.


This fishing reel hardly requires any maintenance and can withstand all types of water pressure. Nothing affects its performance and durability. It lasts for a long time and there is no fear of the reel getting damaged.

Easy to use

It is designed to handle the functions with utmost comfort and ease. It casts very nicely.


It is an amazing reel for the price that it is offered. All the users have highly appreciated it. Users have found it reliable, long-lasting, easy to use and cast. Its high-level strength and saltwater usage separate it from the other reels available in the market.

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Piscifun Kylin Baitcasting Reel

This reel is designed for those who are looking to have an admirable day at fishing without feeling exhausted. This reel is known for the strength and durability it acquires and still carries lightweight. There is the presence of super smooth line cast. Thumb knob is designed in a way that facilitates easy pop down and easy flips up when reeling the handle.


The gear ratio is 6:3:1Reel weight is 8.03ozMax drag is 13.2LbLine capacity is 12lb/120ydsThe ball bearing is 9+1BB

Why purchase it?

Fast line retrieve

Its gear ratio which is 6:3:1 will enable fast line to retrieve. It will ensure picking up line expeditiously. This, in turn, will promise a great day at fishing and allow no amount of exhaustion or boredom.


Aluminum alloy frame used in this reel is of high strength. This will ensure durability. Moreover, titanium coated ceramic line and flat EVA knob increase its endurance.

Perfect landing

This reel ensures perfect landing each time. It is equipped with magnetic brakes which have super control over the initial, intermediary and final stage of the cast. This feature enables the perfect landing. The magnetic brakes can be adjusted manually.


Piscifun Kylin Baitcasting Reel has received lots of appreciation from its users. They have found it to be the best equipment to use in spring fishing season. It is a reel that is hard to resist by any angler. Users have recommended it for its durability, perfect landing, and fast line retrieve features.

Daiwa Sealine Series Line Counter Reel

This reel is designed for all those who are in need of a reel that comes with automatic clutch functions. It is equipped with U.T. drag system that ensures smooth control. It is functional in both fresh and salt water. It is a quality reel that is perfect in all the ways for wire dipsy arrangement.


U.T drag systemThe composite frame is tough and in one-pieceClutch is automatic and self-engaging3 bearing systemMachined aluminum spool

Why purchase it?


This reel is tough and is composed of the one-piece composite frame. It is equipped with a machined aluminum spool and U.T. drag system which add to its strength and toughness.

Smooth functioning

This reel is very easy to use and its functioning is quite smooth. It has an amazing wind-up ratio. Numbers which are displayed on reset counters can be seen easily. The handle provides comfort. Precision in drag adjustments is another great feature of this reel.


Daiwa Sealine Series Counter Reel is highly recommended by the users with positive feedbacks. It is preferred because of its smooth functioning features and toughness. It is a good reel for the price that it is offered. Users have nothing but the praise for the line counter, ease of use and high quality of this reel.

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