Top 10 Best Fishing Reel Brands

A fishing reel can be best described as a cylindrical device mainly connected to a fishing rod used in twisting/winding. It has a bracket to fasten the fishing reel to the rod and a brake to slow down fast moving fish. It also has a handle to bring back line for accuracy. For you to achieve the best performance, it is vital to select the best fishing reel in line with your needs. If you are a person who uses rods for fishing, knowing the best fishing reel brands is of utmost importance.

One of the significant parts to check on a fishing gear is mainly the reel. It can always be confusing to pick the correct one due to the fact that there are lots of various fishing reel brands to choose from. With increased chances of missing a catch, one must ensure that he/she hooks a fish on a good quality reel.

Below are the best 10 brands that are ruling the trade of fishing tackles and rods;

1. Daiwa

This company produces the best of saltwater fishing reel rod in the entire world. The company was established back in the year 1955. This is the best in providing adequate support and necessary grip in weather conditions that are harsh.

The daiwa incorporates the best technological innovations in manufacturing the strong lightweight rods. It also possesses the power lift grip which is an advantage during weird weather conditions. Daiwa Certate 2016

2. Shimano Reels and Fishing Rods

The company is based in Japan. Due to the best fishing experience, it is known all over the world. According to many fishing professionals, shimano is the best top leading fishing rod and reel brand.

This fishing rod has an ultimate and completely appealing look. With different kinds of models under this brand, all of them have showed the best performance ever seen in the history of fishing equipment.

With over 79 years in manufacturing of the fishing equipment like reels, tackles, and rods, the shimano produces the best quality products in the market. Shimano Sustain 2500

3. Shakespeare

It was established in the year 1898, and ever since it has invested more in making high quality fishing instruments.

Being among the top 10 manufacturers for fishing equipment including rods, reels the Shakespeare makes powerful and strong fishing tackle and the buyers are often satisfied with the products. This made it sell more on 2012 due to the fact that the anglers were getting satisfactory services from the Shakespeare.

When purchasing this kind of fishing rod, one has to check on the weight because when it becomes faulty the weight often tends to increase.

4. Berkley

It was founded in 1937 in Spirit lake. It mainly produces the rods that are more firm and stable in times of unfavorable conditions. Anglers majorly trust the company and because of that it appears among the best reel brand. From fishing rods to hard plastic baits, this brand produces fishing materials that withstand unfriendly conditions. Berkley Trilene and power bait are among the company’s best known products.

5. Eagle Claw

It was founded back in 1925 in Colorado. The company produces one of the best fishing hooks and because of this it appears among top best-selling rod brand in the whole world.

This company also has a hand in manufacturing of reels, tackles not forgetting the fishing rods.

6. Abu Garcia

This company was established in 1921 in Sweden but currently it is under the ownership of Newell Rubbermaid corporation of the USA. This features among the most reliable companies in the manufacture of fishing rods in the entire world.

They are known to be durable and this makes it famous. Nonetheless, ultimate grip during fishing is what they mainly provide.

7. Penn Fishing

This company was started in the year 1932 and ever since then, it has been manufacturing the best various saltwater fishing reels for fishermen. It has manufactured award winning reels and their products are of high market demand that should be picked carefully.

At Penn fishing company, anglers can get the best and finest quality rods. The reels are made of aluminum and stainless steel to withstand the saltwater conditions and enable it to be effective and durable. Penn Slammer 3 6500

8. Okuma

This company is Taiwan based and is among the top 5 fishing reel brands, stands the Okuma. For fishing amateurs, and wide range of anglers this reels and rods are very much popular.

Among the best performing Okuma’s models is the Helios rod and 364 Komodo. This Fishing Tackle is developed inspire one’s passion for fishing. Looking at salmon, trout and catfish, every day seems brighter when holding the Okuma fishing instruments.

With the lightweight and durable construction, it is considered one on the best fishing reel. It is also designed to be used by both the right and left handed fishermen. It can as well slow down a fast moving fish so you don’t miss it.

9. Rapala

Mainly termed as fishing lure specialists, it is based in Finland and currently operating in more than 36 countries all over the world. In terms of product features as well as performance, there is no doubt that this is one of the best. Majorly it is engaged in the manufacture and sales of fishing rods and general fishing instruments. It is known all over the world since it produces fishing equipment that you can depend on.

10. St. Croix Fishing Rods

This company incorporates the latest technological advancements to manufacture and produce wide range of rods to suit the angler’s preference and choice. This brand also appears among the best fishing brands all over the world.

In accordance with their tag line, they sell the best rods on planet earth.


It is up to an individual to research what type of fishing reel is best for his/her choice. Most of the reels discussed are offered by trusted manufacturers offering large varieties and brand to fit any need. Due to the fact that fishermen might land in powerful fish which might break their lines, it is important to set the drag system at a certain resistance level to avoid line breaking. Choose the best fishing reel.

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