Top 10 Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Review

Fishing is no longer done only as an economic activity and a source of food. In many countries, especially those with large water bodies or those with shores to oceans and seas have incorporated fishing into their sports activities. Fishing can be done on fresh water bodies, salty waters and even in the ice. These are all very different environments and therefore different tools are required. A reel is one of the most common tools that many people in sports fishing use.

Guide to Choose and buy a Saltwater Reel

Choosing a reel is important because it goes a long way in determining the number of catches you get and the size. A good saltwater reel should be strong enough and efficient to help you get the best catches. Here are some of the tips you should consider when choosing saltwater spinning reels;

  • Consider the capacity of line the reel can handle

This is in terms of the size and the type of line you want to use to fish. Fishing sometimes requires that you go into the deep waters to find your catch. When you are pulling a catch from the deep waters, it is easy for the line to be pulled from the reel in a lot of hurry leading you to run out of line. This is why you need to carefully select a reel with the capacity to hold as much line as you require for fishing.

  • The weight of the reel

The best spinning reel for inshore saltwater fishing should be relatively light to handle. This is because some of the times you may be required to fish all day and the reel you are using could have an effect on your shoulders and elbows. If the reel is very heavy, you may end up being very tired at the end of the day compared to someone with a lighter reel, even by a few ounces. A relatively light reel will also allow you to fish for a longer time comfortably.

  • Check for the interior components of the reel

In this case, you can check the number of bearings, the material used to make the gears and other related things. This way, you will be able to know what to expect with a particular reel before buying it. This way, you will also be at a better position to select one that will suit your fishing needs perfectly.

  • The cost of the reel and the quality

In most cases with reels, the cheaper ones last for a shorter period, maybe a season or two. This is mostly common with the saltwater. This is because saltwater tends to marinate the reels and therefore damaging the after a short period of time. When buying a saltwater reel, it is important to have enough and buy an expensive one because you are guaranteed that it will last. Instead of buying a new reel every fishing season, you are able to cut down on the costs and time.

  • The knob rivets

When you are buying saltwater spinning reels, it is important to compare the rivets that are inside the spinning reel knobs. The size of the rivets is important because it determines how much weight the reel can handle. If the rivets are relatively thin or light, then the chances of loosening up with continued fishing and may even break.

  • Corrosion free

The best spinning reel for inshore saltwater should be protected from corrosion. It is common knowledge that salt causes corrosion. In the saltwater, there are winds that are constantly blowing sending a spray of salt all over. The reel you choose for saltwater fishing should therefore be protected in the best way to handle as much corrosion as possible. Some of the best reels in the market have coatings, others have their bearings sealed and some even have internal gaskets. All you need to know about the protective measures is indicated in the guide to help you in your selection.

Fishing is no longer done only as an economic activity to get food. Fishing is also done as a sport in many countries today. Ice fishing, fresh water fishing and even saltwater fishing is done depending on the location. For saltwater fishing, there are important tips to consider when buying a reel. It is important to carefully consider the reel you want to buy for saltwater fishing to enhance your fishing experience.

KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel – 2018

The KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel is a stylish black and red reel with very smooth features. Although not the lightest reel in the market, the Sharky III’s buttery smoothness compensates for its weight.

Aside from its smooth features, the Sharky III is also durable. It features a decent water resistant body, an instant anti-reverse lock, a screwed aluminum handle and a better line capacity than most other reel brands. For durability, the Sharky III also features a stainless steel body and ball bearings. And for those who are concerned about warranties, it also includes a one year warranty.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Sharky III is under $55. So if you’re looking for a decent reel with a reasonable price then this reel is a good choice for you.


– Smooth controls

– Low cost

– Carbon drag


– Creates noise when cast

– Some parts need to be tightened to keep them stable

The KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel’s most notable feature is its smoothness and durability. It’s smooth to use and it can take a little abuse, which isn’t bad for a reel that’s under $55. Most other reels in this price range don’t have any distinguishing features, except their low cost. So it’s quite refreshing to find a relatively affordable reel that has the smoothness of the $100 reel.

On the other hand, it isn’t the cheapest reel on the market nor is it the lightest, and when compared to high-end products, it doesn’t have a lot of interesting features. In this regard, the Sharky III is a fairly average reel.

It’s also worth mentioning that although the Sharky III is durable, some of its parts need to be adjusted to perform well. So this item may not be the ideal choice for beginners and people prefer low maintenance reels.

All in all, the Sharky III could best be describe as a smooth, durable and affordable reel. It’s not the best reel on the market, nor is it the lightest but it’s quite decent for its price, and it has a stylish appearance. Check Price on Amazon

Burning Shark 12+1 BB Fishing Reel

Smooth, cheap, easy to mount and easy to use. These are the words that can best describe the Burning Shark Fishing Reel. The item doesn’t have any special features, but if you just want a reliable reel then this is a good choice.

The Burning Shark features stainless steel bearings for durability, a collapsible arm for easy storage, high density glass fibers for added durability and composite materials for anti-corrosion. It is also compatible with a wide variety of fishing activities, including saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, carp fishing, boat fishing, bass fishing, rock fishing and various others. It is also quite affordable at around $20 to $45.

Despite all these positive qualities, though, the Burning Shark doesn’t have any special qualities. It may be reliable but it doesn’t offer much of anything else. So if you’re looking for a reel that offers something special then this may not be the best choice for you.


– Low cost

– Smooth

– Easy to mount and use


– Heavy – Lack of special fetures

The Burning Shark fishing reel is a beginner’s reel. It works well enough for extended ocean fishing trips, but the Burning Shark lacks the features to impress the pros.

For inexperienced anglers, however, it’s a great reel. It’s smooth and easy to use. It also has a low cost, which makes it a good choice for those who have limited budgets. Its only downside is its weight, but handling relatively heavy reels can be good training for some inexperienced anglers.

The Burning Shark is also versatile enough to be used as a training reel for inexperienced anglers. It’s also a good practice reel for those who have the experience to handle more difficult reels but don’t want to spend a lot of money buying expensive brands to develop their skills.

All in all, the Burning Shark is a decent and affordable reel. It’s not the best item in the market, but it is good enough for people who just want to develop their skills. It’s also a good choice for those who want to develop their skills with a reel. Check Price on Amazon

Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel Saltwater/Freshwater 

The Yoshikawa Baitfeeder Spinning Reel offers great value for its price. It is has a smooth draw thanks to its smooth multi-disk drag component, and it also allows for accurate drag adjustments for difficult environments and situations.

For durability, it features corrosion-resistant materials, a titan graphite side plate as well as aluminum handles. The materials may not be the best on the market but they are decent enough for the job. Also, even though there are tougher reels out there, this item is tough enough for both salt and fresh water waters.

The best part, though, is that the Baitfeeder allows for optimum control. The gear-ratio ensures optimum retrieval, and the reel itself is powerful enough to catch bass, catfish, mackerel and even small sharks.

On the other hand, the Baitfeeder does have its share of problems. Assembly can be a little challenging, and tightening certain components can be quite difficult. Also, getting used to the reel can be a little challenging, and some people may get the impression that the Baitfeeder is not as well designed as they thought.

Those problems aside, the Yoshikawa Baitfeeder is a great reel for its price. It can’t compete with the more expensive reels in the market, but even so, it works well on its own.


– Smooth draw

– Decent drag

– Versatile enough to catch larger types of fish


– Despite its positive features, it takes a little while to get used to it..

– Assemble can be challenging

All in all, the Baitfeeder has a smooth drag and superb reel performance. It is also powerful enough to bring in larger types of fish. The only problem is that it is not very user friendly. As we’ve mentioned before, assembling this item may be difficult, and the handling leaves much to be desired.

Still, if you can look past these problems, the Baitfeeder is a good reel. It’s cheap and it offers good performance. It’s not the type of reel that beginners or impatient anglers may enjoy, but if you’re looking for an affordable reel with decent features then this is one of the better options in the market. Check Price on Amazon

Haibo Saltwater Fishing Reel with Corrosion Resistant

The HaiBo Saltwater Spinning Reel is certainly an impressive reel. Not only is it made from quality materials, it also has a stylish design as well as numerous features that set it apart from other reels in the market.

It has a built-in sealed drag system, a smooth operating gear train, a rubber gasket that prevents super lines from slipping and various other interesting features. If you’re not used to reels with high-end features, you may want to take the time to familiarize yourself with them. Once you’ve mastered them, they can be a joy to use.

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that the HaiBo Saltwater Spinning Reel is quite versatile. It can can be used to fish for bass in freshwater, and catfish in large lakes or rivers, It can also be used in shallow waters as well as salt waters, and anglers will have no trouble using this reel on jetties and piers.


– Plenty of useful features

– Versatile

– Smooth operation


– High cost

To sum up the Haibo Saltwater Spinning Reel, it’s versatile, powerful reel that has plenty of interesting and useful features. Durability is also good, but that’s to be expected from a reel of this type. The only question here is if the great features justify the price.

There’s no doubt that the Haibo Saltwater Spinning Reel works great, but some experienced anglers may prefer cheaper alternatives. The reel certainly has a good mix of versatility, weight, durability and efficiency, but there are cheaper reels out there that have similar features or almost similar features, and if you’re short on cash, they may be preferable.

However, there is one other reason why this particular reel is worth its price: It has no flaws. It may not be the best reel in the market, but it’s practically hard to say anything bad about the Haibo Spinning Reel, and if that’s something that you care about then this product is definitely worth the price. Check Price on Amazon

SeaKnight Rapid Saltwater Spinning Reel

In case you are looking for a robust fishing reel that can get your needs covered, then this one is for you. You can count on the fantastic oscillation system that it features. And that’s not all; this reel still has more features that are impressive too.

FeaturesOne of the exciting features that this reel comes with is the precise drive gear. It has an aluminum alloy anti-corrosion coating on this reel’s drive gear. It is this design that gives it an unprecedented durability. Besides, it packs the much-needed power for taking on any fish out there.

Then there’s the soft EVA knob design. With this feature, you can expect a smooth handle operation. Besides, the ergonomic handle design makes handling it quite comfortable.

You can also count on the dual bearings construction. It’s a precise shield offers balance for a smooth, efficient operation. What’s more, they have a brass pinion coating to keep corrosion at bay.

The thicker main shaft also goes a long way when it comes to the stability too. And you cannot afford to miss the carbon fiber drag system. This can deliver up to 33Lbs of sheer power, which means you can fight some big catch. Check Price on Amazon


–  This fishing reel includes an outstanding craftwork. It also features an advanced tech for durability and performanceIt works smoothly thanks to the stainless steel shielding on the ball bearings.A rotor structure prevents sand and water from entering your reel.The reel is also versatile enough for different situations the Eva grip gives it a quite smooth


–  The only thing that this doesn’t have is a spare spool.

Sougayilang Spinning Fishing Reel 13+1BB XY5000

Sougayilang fishing reel LightweightIf there’s one unmistakable thing about this reel, it has to be the smooth operation it delivers. But that isn’t the only trick it packs up the sleeve. You still need to see its array of other exciting features too.


First up, this is one of the most powered saltwater spinning reels on the market. With a super drag system, the reel comes with an astonishing stopping power.

Further, it comes with a sturdy metal main shaft and a mesh drive gear. Factor in the precision pinion gear. And you have a robust partner to help you take on virtually any fish from the deep.

The precision brass gears also make the sougayilang fishing reel a great tool. These go a long way along to offering super easy use.

It also has an interchangeable left and right handle. This means you can use it despite the hand you use often.

Moreover, it is light enough due to the hollow frame as well as the computer balancing system. With these aspects on board, you can fish with your sougayilang fishing reel for hours on end. What’s more, this reel is built for versatility. You can use it on a fishing boat out in the ocean, on beach fishing, lake, or even down in the stream. And if you like fishing on ponds or by the river bank, it still has got you covered. Check Price on Amazon


It comes with an extra graphite spool for efficiencyYou can count on the lightweight design for long hours of fishing without fatigueIts high-grade carbon felt pads offer a stable fishing experience. Not forgetting, it also comes with an ideal reel brake systemAnother interesting thing is the double bearing structure. This offers a smooth operation even after years of use.This reel also boasts a new line roller design for reducing the line twist or fatigue. This not only reduces the chances of line breakage but also makes the reel smooth as silk.


The only problem with the sougayilang fishing reel is the screws. These crucial parts could become rusty quite fast.

Daiwa Opus 5500 Saltwater Spinning Reel

This is the Daiwa opus 5500 is one of the best salt water spinning reels. It is considered versatile as you can use it both for traditional river fishing and surf fishing. It casts beautifully and feels very comfortable in the hand of users. It comes with a solid construction. It has an infinite anti-reverse stopping mechanism that will prevent the handle from turning back while offering better control. It also has the durable ball bearings that can ensure a reliable and smooth performance. The ball bearings will increase the stability and smoothness. Besides, there will be the gear ratio of 4.6:1. You do not need to be worried about the power and speed. This reel is designed for easy and convenient use. Your entire focus will be on catching or landing a big fish instead of comfort and your device. Daiwa opus 5500 casts beautifully and feels very comfortable in your hand. The drag is also excellent. You can easily adjust it while catching it fish.

What are the key features?

  • Twist Buster to reduce line twisting.
  • Ball bearing and roller bearing.
  • Infinite anti-reverse a stopping mechanism to offer better control.


  • Affordable and casts beautifully.
  • Quality material and best performance.
  • Versatile that makes it a good option both for the surf and salt water.
  • Comfortable in your hand.


  • Poor quality ball bearings.
  • Fairly heavy and might not be a good option for those looking for a lightweight reel with advanced ball bearings

This product has received mixed reviews. When some users have appreciated this reel for the comfort, flawless performance, affordability, easy to set drag, and smooth retrieval, a few users want improvement in few areas including bail arm and quality. One customer also finds that this saltwater reel does not hold as much line as advertized.

Daiwa Opus Saltwater Spinning Reel will be ideal with a restricted budget. It is easy to use and offer required comfort to your hand. It is able to perform well even under the heavy waters. It can be ideal both for the beginners and experienced. You will have better balance and control. If you want to boost the durability of this product, you just need to wash off the salt water that will prevent corrosion. Check Price on Amazon

Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel

Okuma saltwater reel is one of the budget-friendly reels that come with many advanced features to offer lifetime experience to the users. It is mainly designed for the offshore use. Though it is affordable, still, you can expect the best quality material and better efficiency. As mentioned earlier, it is loaded with many advanced features including high-quality material, drag adjustments, brass pinion gear, and corrosion resistant coating. It is versatile and durable. It is able to serve different purposes. You can use it for stick baiting, trolling, popping, bait casting, and jigging on the reefs. The best part is that it is available in five models and comes with many unique designs and sizes to offer a perfect fit for the users. You will have the extremely smooth drag as the result of the dual force drag system. The dual anti-reverse system will offer a solid hook set. This reel is specifically designed for the salt water. Therefore, you can expect some developed features to prevent corrosion. It is able to withstand harsh conditions of the salt water. In addition, Okuma saltwater reel is made of good quality and solid material. It comes with good ratio and big spools. The drag is dependable. The reel is able to handle different types of good size bonnet head sharks in the 30-35lb range.

What are the features?

  • High-quality material.
  • Aluminum construction.
  • Dual Force Drag System.
  • Quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing.
  • Multi-disc, and Carbonite and felt drag washers.
  • 6HPB + 1RB corrosion resistant bearing.


  • Affordability.
  • Smooth retrieval.
  • Corrosion resistant.


  • For saltwater only.

This reel is appreciated for the quality construction, price, and powerful drag. You will not find many negative reviews. Conclusion Okuma Azores Saltwater Spinning Reel can be ideal if you are looking for an affordable reel to withstand large pelagic species and harsh weather condition. You can use it on a regular basis. It is lightweight and convenient to be used. It is not waterproof, but it is watertight and corrosion resistant that makes it a good choice for a durable use. Besides, there will be hydro block water tight drag system, improved ball bearings, and mechanical stabilizing system. Check Price on Amazon

Goture Spinning Fishing Reel

This particular reel has been manufactured after many years of research and development. Consequently, one can rightly expect an enhanced level of precision in operation as well as refinement while using this reel. Moreover, the Goture fishing reel is extremely resilient thanks to the tough graphite frame which is able to tolerate being rattled around while fishing in the ocean. Being made from double-anodized aluminum, the spool is extremely lightweight which makes it easy to handle the reel while you are in the water. Moreover, anodized aluminum is likewise very simple to maintain and it is also resistant to corrosion as well. As a matter of fact, the spool of this saltwater reel is double-anodized thus making it one of the best products out there. You will not find it difficult to operate the spinning reel given that it includes as many as 6 sealed ball bearings unlike the majority of the other similar products on the market. Besides this, the lightweight aluminum spools come with oil-soaked and ultra-smooth washers as well.

Key Features:

  1. The construction is resistant to corrosion
  2. Lightweight and double-anodized aluminum spool
  3. Strong graphic frame plus rotor that can easily withstand the rough ocean
  4. 1 quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing plus 6 ball bearings
  5. Appropriate for both seawater and freshwater


  1. The reel is quite small in size which makes it easy to carry it anywhere you want
  2. It comes with an anti-reverse roller bearing as well as 6 ball bearings
  3. Being extremely lightweight, it will not be difficult to carry the reel from one place to another
  4. The metal is resistant to corrosion which helps the spinning reel to keep it from rust in spite of continuous exposure to the water


  1. The combination of gold and black color is not popular amongst most of the fishermen at present
  2. The assembly screws aren’t manufactured from stainless steel
  3. The bigger models are not appropriate for catching trout since one will require a smaller reel for that

The Goture reel is the one for you provided you are not that experienced in fishing. However, considering these innovative features one will not find this product to be excessively pricey. Moreover, the reel is going to fit most of the fishing rods these days. Check Price on Amazon

KastKing Kodiak Saltwater Spinning Reel

This particular reel can boast of numerous breathtaking features and is a spectacular spinning reel on the market these days. Besides this, it is likewise dustproof and includes a robust graphic body which is resistant to corrosion. Having a strong anti-corruption body with a carbon fiber skirt, the reel provides us with 10+ 1 softball bearings. On top of this, the Kastking reel can boast of a brass gear which is almost 30% stronger as compared to the other similar products out there.

The aluminum handle and spool that comes with the product through an innovative O-ring method help to keep the water out of the carbon fiber drag washers while fishing. The spinning reel likewise includes as much as 41.5 lbs of smooth and dependable carbon fiber drag. The breathtaking CNC machined aluminum spool is almost 10% lighter as well as stronger than the majority of the other similar products out there. Moreover, there is also the stainless steel shaft for soundless and smoother performance.

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof for as much as 3 minutes
  2. Patented drag system
  3. Precision brass gears
  4. Power launch lip
  5. Stainless steel shaft


  1. Includes an innovative neoprene travel case
  2. Breathtaking drag stopping power
  3. A price tag of $85 is quite reasonable considering its innovative features


  1. The product is only available online
  2. The gear ratio is insufficient

Thus it is evident from the above-mentioned information that the KastKing spinning reel is ideal for casting in most of the saltwater situations. Moreover, one should be encouraged to use braided lines along with these reels. Another significant advantage of this product is its affordable price which makes the fishermen hard pressed to find out a spinning reel as competent as this one. Check Price on Amazon

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  1. I was thinking about buying one of these reel since i first fishing. Th kodiak did it job. I was trying to see how well the it built and it end up very surprise result. Great job, Kasking. Very smooth drag. I did some research about the review of these reels and all i found just right to it ability. It has improve my fishing experience. I will bought another size 4000. but this is really nice, smooth reel. really love the attention.

  2. I would like to thank for the efforts you’ve put in writing on this website. What you had represent in your writing just like what I had experienced. I remember last time that I bought a fly fishing reel and it looked good but when i fished in saltwater, i could see dry salt after i arrived home and i needed to remove them and clean them all.

  3. I had plenty of experience on fishing and I had very high level of fishing. I just looked for an cheap basic spinning reel cause i don’t want to spend more money on the reel but i was shocked after i bought kastking sharky 3 reel because of the qualities of the reel. you can not buy any other reel which price and quality are due able. It is smooth with a smooth drag system. I would highly recommend and share this experience with other fishers. Thanks for sharing this content.

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