Top 8 Best Fly Fishing Reels Review

Are you an ardent fan of fly fishing? Then you will know that without a properly fly fishing reel, it is not possible to succeed. So, you need to find one of the best fly fishing reels to ensure that you are getting the utmost benefits. It must be ergonomically designed for being very comfortable for you. Also, if you are fly fishing in the saltwater, then it must be quite sturdy and durable. Of course, besides all these, it must exceptionally balance and light in weight.

With summer approaching very soon, lots of fishing enthusiasts will be looking forward to engage in fly fishing in the nearby streams and lakes. Almost all experienced fishermen are aware of the necessity of purchasing a top quality fly reel so as to accomplish their task efficiently. However, there is still much to learn for the newbies who do not have much experience regarding fly fishing. At present, you will come across a wide array of fly reels on the market which come in different prices as well as styles and it is important to find the one which will fit your budget and also your personal requirements.

SeaKnight MAXWAY Honor Fly Reels 3BB

If you are looking for all these qualities in a fly fishing reel, then you must look at the SeaKnight MAXWAY Super Light 3BB fly fishing reel. With some great features, it is definitely one of the most versatile reels available in the market right now.

What Are the Features?

There are some key features of this fly fishing reels. All the features can be really helpful for you to increase the efficiency of fishing.

Ergonomic design:

When you are fishing for hours, comfort is one of the top-most priority. Without a proper ergonomic design, it is not possible to have a comfortable grip. This fly fishing reel is designed so well that you will feel quite easy and comfortable operating it. Even it is quite light in weight which hardly adds any extra pound to the rod.Tough built: The SeaKnight MAXWAY fishing reel is built with a tough and sturdy material to ensure better durability and sturdiness. Fly fishing reels are often exposed to saltwater and hence it is important that the reel is tough and resistant to it. Well, this fly fishing reel by Sea Knight is very much resistant to the saltwater effects and corrosion. CNC precision frame & spool: Another great feature of this waterproof fly fishing reel is that it comes with a versatile CNC precision machined frame and spool. It has a gear ratio of 1:1 and 3 ball bearings for proper functionality. O-Ring Sealed: This is surely one of the best fly fishing reels that comes with a O-ring seal on the center disk drag unit. This helps to keep the sand and water out of the reel completely. Easy to operate: Besides all the excellent features, it is also a very easy to operate or use reel. It can be adjusted easily with the click and drag system. This reel is also very easy to dismantle after the work is done.

Built of The Fly Fishing Reel

The most important factor of any fly fishing reel is the built of it. With the aluminum alloy body, this reel poses a very strong and durable built. It is quite tough from outside as well as from inside. When you are fishing, the reel is exposed to water and moisture all the time. If the reel is not made up of something which is resistant to corrosion, then you have to invest a lot of money again and again to buy the best fly fishing reel.

Benefits of This Fly Fishing Reel

The best part of this fly fishing reel is that it comes with a lot of excellent benefits. So, it can be really helpful for the fly fishing enthusiasts. With just a press of button, you can quickly release the spool. Also, it is very easy to adjust the click and drag system based on your own needs. With this excellent and versatile fly fishing reel, fishing gets easier. The ergonomic design is best for providing you great comfort. You will not have any pain in your hand for gripping the reel for too long. The precise and light weight design along with water resistant feature make it the best of all. This fly fishing reel is also available in 4 different sizes and you can choose one based on your needs and requirements.


Lightweight and durable Ergonomically designed for comfort resistant to water and corrosion. Easy to use and operate. Adjustable click and drag system


You have to clean with water regularly to avoid damage

This is definitely one of the best fly fishing reels that you must get, especially if you are fishing around saltwater area. SeaKnight MAXWAY reel can be quite beneficial for you in this type of environment.

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Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel

Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel is for all those who are looking for sleek and hot fishing reels. It is appropriate for those anglers who are looking for a disc drag, mid arbor reel at an affordable price. It is machine framed. It is equipped with mid-arbor stool and comes with an oversized handle. Both of them ensure the speedy line pickup and reduction in the line memory.

Available in 2 Colors-Classic gunmetal and black Fashion blue and black

Features of the product


4.7” in diameter 3.4’’ in width0.98 backing capacityWF6F/100yds/20lbs


6.1” in diameter 3.7” in width 0 .98 backing capacityWF7F/125yds/20lbs

Reasons to purchase this reel

Impeccable look

It is a fully machined frame. Handles are extra-large. It comes with the die-cast spool. It is available in two mesmerizing colors. It is light in weight and thus makes sure that fishing becomes a pleasurable experience. All these features give it an exquisite look which is hard to resist.

Good quality at an affordable price

This reel is not heavy on budget. No compromise made in its quality even at such a low price. The spool is burr free and smooth. Drag is efficient and consistent. Fit and finish of this reel are outstanding.

Efficient drag engagement

This reel comes with a drag system equipped with Cork/Teflon disc. This system also facilitates one-way clutch bearing. All these features enable quick, frictionless drag engagement.

Facilitates easy change of the retrieve

It comes with two screws that ensure more security. Within the blue cap, the spool release button is present. This reel is thereby a perfect one. It facilitates the easy retrieve change in comparison with other reels which are way too complicated in this aspect.


Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel is the most sought after reel by anglers. It is most sought after reel as it never fails to astonish. Piscifun’s quality control department has managed to manufacture best quality reel at an affordable price. Users have given their positive comments when it comes to its lightweight, quality build, and good performance. It offers an easy retrieve change. Its sleek and sexy design makes it look impeccable.

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Wright & McGill Dragonfly 7/8 Weight Reel

Wright & McGill Dragonfly 7/8 Weight Reel is for those anglers who are looking for a reel that is light in weight and exceptional drag functioning. It comes with a graphite disc drag. One of the best features of this reel is its heart-stirring beauty. Its beauty and super large arbor layout make it difficult to take eyes off it. It comes with a storage case which facilitates its care and protection.

Features of the product

The width of the spool is 1.22” The diameter of the spool is 3.81” The weight of reel is 5.15oz Line size is 7/8wt Line capacity is WF 8+125 yds of 20lb backing The diameter of the arbor is 2.64”

Reasons to purchase this reel

Good quality reel at an affordable price

This reel is economical and not heavy on budget. It is manufactured keeping in mind needs of budget-minded anglers. It is compact in size and drag is perfect in every sense. It is equipped with graphite disc drag. It comes with super large arbor design. It is constructed with 6061bar stock aluminum.


This fishing reel will last many trips and thus can be used for a long time. It hardly requires any maintenance. Nothing is going to affect its functionality or performance for a long period of time. It comes with a storage care that ensures reel’s safety.

Ease of us

This reel is light in weight and thus easy to carry around. It is exceptionally smooth in functioning and thus easy to use. There’s a great deal of comfort that can be derived from it even after fishing for the whole day.


Wright & McGill Dragonfly 7/8 Weight Reel has nothing but lots of appreciation from the users. They have given their comments in the form of positive feedbacks. It is recommended for the ease with which it can be used. It is a great fishing reel that is of good quality at an affordable price. It can last many trips and thus there is no need to worry about its longevity and maintenance.

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel with CNC-machined

Another very popular fishing reel by Piscifun is this Sword Fly reel that comes with unmatched performance. It has exclusive design that maximizes its performance every time the reel is used. The following are some of the most fascinating features of the Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel:


Sturdy Body and Design- The mid- arbor design of this reel ensures maximum line capacity, especially in comparison to the large-arbor design. The line-retrieval rate is also very decent in this reel. The high-end appearance of the reel along with its superior machining technology adds to its performance. The spool and frame are made using top quality aluminum alloy that is cold forged as well as tempered to offer increased rigidity and strength.


Amazing Interiors- This fishing reel by Piscifun features a concave shaped spool that provides extra strength as well as line capacity, which is much better than any level-arbor spool. It also features drag system made from stainless steel and multi-disc cork to ensure very convenient and smooth drag.


Other Features- The finishing of this product is anodized that protects the reel from corrosion and rust. It is available in color options like gold, black and titanium. The product also comes with 3-year warranty. And, you can change the retrieve from left to right without any difficulty. Finally, a reel bag made from quality soft fabric is included in the package.



  • Tough and strong fishing reel that can last very long if handled with care
  • Corrosion and rust resistant body that can sustain in various environments
  • The aluminum alloy used in making this reel is CNC-machined, which safeguards the reel from impacts as well as water
  • The drag system works smoothly and efficiently, all thanks to the one-way clutch bearing and stainless steel incorporated in it
  • The design enhances the performance of the reel, especially with the mid-arbor and the concave spool
  • Lightweight and durable reel, which can be used in different kinds of water bodies
  • Can be handled with ease


  • Some users have experienced difficulty in managing the drag system due to the problem in settings. There is no instruction included in the package to clean or dismantle the drag system. The reel should be kept away from salt water as much as possible

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Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel

This astounding product from Okuma can boast of a large arbor plus roller bearing which will engage the drag in one particular direction. The entire drag system can be adjusted by a screw which helps to tighten or loosen the drag by applying pressure onto a washer. Although this sort of drag system is susceptible to wear and tear, in case you aren’t too hard on it, the fly reel can serve you for a considerable period of time.


With a price tag of approximately $50, you will be getting something which is really worth the cost. Moreover, according to some fishermen, the drag system comes with outstanding stopping power and also does not wander from where it was set. All in all, your fishing experience is going to be enhanced to a great extent thanks to the competent drag system together with the large arbor design.

Being a silent fly reel, you need to go for some other product in case you have a preference for the sound of a clicker. Moreover, the spare spools are comparatively inexpensive and also easily available on the market. On top of this, the spools likewise switch out easily without any need to detach the reel from the rod. However, several fishermen have asserted that it is possible for the line to become worn once you start stripping. Fortunately, you can easily fix the problem by sanding the spot using high grit sandpaper where the line is rubbing on its way out of the reel. This simple fix will help your fly reel to stay in top condition.

Key Features:

  1. The Okuma SLV comes with innovative stainless steel drag washers along with a multi-disc cork.
  2. It enables the drag to engage in one particular direction thanks to the designed roller bearing.
  3. Alumilite Diecast Aluminum Frame.
  4. Rubberized knobs with non-slip positive grip.
  5. Left-to-right hand retrieval conversion facility which is easy to change.
  6. Precision Machined Stainless Steel Spool Shaft.


  1. The fly reel along with the additional spools are quite inexpensive.
  2. It is possible to change spools easily without detaching the reel thanks to the innovative quick exchange spool feature.
  3. The drag system together with the large arbor design is able to deal with some powerhouse fish.


  1. Although effective for combating big fish, the drag system is not that resilient.
  2. It is imperative to duplicate the fly reel and also sand the fairlead gently so as to enhance one’s fishing experience.
  3. There have been some complaints regarding the wear and tear of the finish, particularly after heavy usage.

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Wright & McGill Dragon Fly Reel

Another reel that is very popular among the fishermen, but one that induce a more male taste, is the  Wright & McGill Dragon Fly Reel.

This fishing tool tends to be used more amongst the professionals while still providing itself at a decent price, in order for it to be affordable for all kind of people who might present an interest in fishing activities.

As a manufacturer of this product, we find the mighty Wright & McGill who are famous for their products in this industry, being worldwide known that their products are always qualitative. In order for them to make sure that this reel will be on top, as every other product that leaves their factories, in the manufacturing process of the Dragon Fly Reel, Wright & McGill used the highest quality material.


Its features also recommend this reel to the most eager and ambitious sportsmen that occupy themselves with fishing. Also the stainless material will offer a longer life for this reel while its shape and architecture will confer a comfortable grip to its user.

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Okuma Integrity “B” Large Arbor Diecast Fly Reel

As the other two reels presented in this article, the Okuma reel is also made of stainless steel which can be characterized as one of the highest quality materials for this type of products.


Besides the generic feature for the last technology reels released on the market, this one dispose of multi-disk drag washers made entirely of Rubidium. The roller bearing drag system makes sure that the engage is made only in one direction. By the last characteristic, the life of the fishermen is way easier and the captures can be brought to the shore with less effort.


As mentioned above the stainless steel was used in the making of this reel. More precise the spool shaft is made of stainless steel, while also being precision machined. The recision machined’ characteristic is also available for another feature of this Okuma reel, this one being the brass bushing drive.


A different feature, and one that can individualize this reel, is the ALC. ALC is a characteristic that regards the design of the reel. Alum lite die cast aluminum is the new frame design that was implemented on the Okuma Large Arbor Fly Reel.


If we want to talk about the bearings, this reel disposes of one roller bearing as are the reels presented above.


The physical dimensions presented by this qualitative reel are pretty common for every other reel, as this one is not the chapter at which the Okuma reel excels at. The weight of the reel is around 7 oz., while the line retrieve may reach up to 9” and the line weight varies around the value of 5.6 wt.


All of the reels presented above are good quality reels but they may serve for different purposes depending on the wish of the user.

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Piscifun Blaze Fly Fishing Reel

This extraordinary fishing reel by Piscifun has won the hearts of anglers all over the world. The makers offer different types of fishing reels including 9/10, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/6 in amazing, bright colors like Sapphire Blue, Gold and Brown. The Piscifun Blaze Fly Fishing Reel comes with 3-year warranty as well as options in left and right hand retrieve, which makes it convenient for all anglers and fishing enthusiasts. Here are some of the striking features of this Piscifun fishing reel:

Durable Product- It is a highly durable reel that is made from aluminum alloy, which also ensures corrosion resistance. Additionally, the reel is hard anodized to prevent corrosion and to protect its surface. The arbor is concave ported to offer greater capacity and strength

Efficient Design- It features drag system made from high quality stainless steel along with multi-disc cork and one-way clutch bearing so that the drag engagement is immediate and smooth. This Piscifun fishing reel has been cold forged as well as tempered in order to provide superior rigidity and strength to the product. The mid-arbor design of this reel offers amazing balance between the line pickup (rapid) and backing capacity.

Other Features- Maintenance is quite easy as cleaning this reel requires only rinsing it in water (fresh). It is ideal for fishing in various spots like rivers, streams, lakes, creeks, etc.; and species like bass, normal/light trout, sea trout, redfish, salmon, etc.



  •  The feel and look of this reel is similar to high-end reels because the materials used are of superior quality
  • The reel’s frame is very sturdy, and the overall weight distribution is ideal
  • Retrieving is completely smooth and silent
  • The tolerance of this reel is also very tight, without any side play or wobbles
  • The reel is designed to handle high torque and high speed challenges without failing
  • Extremely light in weight, and can be dismantled easily
  • Reasonably priced


  • Some users have complained of issues with the drag system

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