What are the different types of fishing reels?

There are 9 different types of fishing reels that fishers are commonly used. They are Spin-cast, Bait-casting, Trailing, Spinning, Surf-casting, jigging, fly fishing, center-pin and electric reel. These fishing reels have it own function and feature. They also used in different ways base on places where you fish.

We all agree that fishing is a sports activity with the most varied range of modalities, therefore, there is a lot of equipment carefully created to serve each individual purpose and perform in the best way and the fishing reels have not escaped from it.

Fishing reels are undoubtedly one of the most important materials when practicing sport fishing, there are many technological evolutions that these articles have undergone to fish until reaching the reel models of today, They offer us great benefits, from powerful electric reels to the eye-catching competition reels for surfcasting or the innovative spinning reels, small but with great strength.

There are dozens of models and brands for each particular style and below we will show some of them.

1. Spincast reels

Spincast reels are the best option to start in sport fishing, due to its ease of use. These can go as much as on the front of the shaft, but also on the front. Also, they are quite affordable, as they are generally the cheapest types of reels on the market.

Spincast reels can be used for a wide variety of fish but are not suitable for large catches, they lack high capacity reels and therefore cannot have large amounts of line.

The casing reel drive systems are also unreliable, however, they are easy to handle for novice anglers as their mechanics are super simple and difficult with little effort, so if you are a casual or novice angler this is the reel for start.

There are drawbacks to spincast reels, first of all, as it is designed to be a beginner reel, the inner reel is generally small, so as we have discussed it is not an act for large line capacities.

Another drawback of spincast reels is that due to their low price the parts and their manufacture are not very durable.

The drag force is somewhat poor, making it difficult to retrieve lures. Also, gears in either metal or plastic are prone to breakage during prolonged use.

Spincast reels have a closed face. All the important parts are inside. The line of sale of a small hole in the lid. There are often many specific models for children who have fun with this type of race because it is the easiest to use.

To use a spincast reel, press the button on the back of the reel and the line runs, release the button, and the line stops. Driving this trail is very easy, but it sacrifices some precision and distance.

Pflueger President Spincast

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The Pflueger President Spincast Fishing Reel is an interesting model, and there’s definitely quite a few pros to it I’d like to bring up:

First and foremost the Pflueger President is just a great combination of light and durable. The body is mainly aluminum which manages to make it solid while keeping it light. You’ll barely feel the reel in your rod, and don’t have to worry either about accidentally damaging it. That’s something that really takes a weight from my mind, and well, from my hands as well.

The reeling experience is just amazing, both casting and retrieving are in general an incredibly smooth experience. Regardless of the actual weight of the catch the reel just handles it all well and there has yet to be a case where the retrieving process isn’t smooth. The knob is also a great tension overall, making it easy to turn up or down mid fishing, but it’s not so soft that it’ll accidentally twist on its own. It’s hard to explain in words but the feeling of turning the crank in this reel is just amazing overall.

The ease of casting and lightweight nature also presents a unique perk, and that is that if you are a fan of fishing in streams like me this will be a perfect reel for you. Anybody who has fished in a creek or other relatively wild area knows well how easy it is for the string to get tangled everywhere and not go where you want. But the Pflueger President Spincast Fishing Reel is both small making it less likely, and it has an incredibly smooth casting, which allows you to cast your line without fear of getting stuck in the vegetation around you. This “wild area” fishing really feels like the Pflueger President specialty and it’s a feature I really enjoy on the model.

Also the design is rather smart and my favorite feature by far is how easy it is to set up the reel for left hand use. Left handed fishers know how annoying it can be to set up a reel for your preferences. But the Pflueger President Spincast Fishing Reel is totally meant to be able to place the crank on either side, and it’s a painless effort, which is just great to see.

That said the reel does have some issues and there’s no way to go around that fact:

The buttons have an undeniable tendency to jam, or in some cases stop working altogether. And it’s not a localized problem, as most of them can show this issue. To this day I’m not sure what causes it, as dirt and water don’t seem to be the main factor. But for how durable the main body is the fine details in the Pflueger President Spincast Fishing Reel just don’t seem to be made to the same level. And as such it’s not uncommon for something to jam or fail at least once per trip, which is honestly just annoying given how well the rest of it works.

2. Baitcasting reels

Baitcasting reels are undoubtedly the most difficult to handle. However, they are the ones that give us the most precision if used correctly.

Baitcasting or spinning reels are the most specialized of any type of fishing reel.

The baitcasting reels are placed on top of the fishing rod and come in a wide variety of sizes, although for fishing with the rod the lighter models are recommended, never exceeding 500-600 grams of weight so as not to suffer too much on your workday. fishing.

The heavier baitcasting reel models are recommended for boat fishing. They can be used to catch fish that need in size thanks to their enormous braking capacity and enormous power.

Baitcasting reels are reels that have a fairly high price. However, this is because they have a wide variety of settings where anglers can make great customizations, for example, settings to maximize casting distance.

Once we learn how to handle these reels with ease, they are the most competent and most accurate of all the reels because you can control the amount of line the coil sells using our thumb.

If you don’t put your thumb on the line before the lure reaches the water, we’ll usually get a tangled fishing line. Therefore it is recommended for novice fishermen, that is why it is better to start with other types of races that are simpler and easier to use and gradually start using the multiplier reels or spinning reels.

Kastking Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel

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When it comes to the advantages of the KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel it’s not hard to get lost in all the pros it brings to the tables, so try to bear with me:

The KastKing Royale is just made for power, from the thick double handle designed to grant you a firm grab at your pace at any time to the powerful frame that brings the whole reel together. The reel is just meant to be strong, durable and reliable in any situation and every part of the build helps that feeling. The stainless steel body is really resilient and most of the gears are meant for endurance as well, making it a reel that just feels reliable on hand,

And yet the reel is rather light despite all the power it brings. The KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel is designed to be compact, and despite all that it packs it really does keep a small frame. What this means is that you get a reel that is ready for heavy duty but doesn’t impact heavily on the weight of the frame. And most other graphite/steel reels in the market far outweigh it, so this is one of the biggest perks to me.

The KastKing overall is just loaded with new and unique features that it’s hard to just mention one. But one of the most unique is definitely the magnetic brake system. There are ten ways you can configure your rod for your preferences and not only you can ensure a brake at the press of a button but your casting also gets improved. Being able to configure your reel is always good, and the KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel makes it so that the process is both simple and incredibly thorough.

That said some issues can come up with it depending on various external factors so let’s try to get over some of the main drawbacks of the reel:

The KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel is sadly not fully compatible with all rods; it might be due to the complexity of the model or the magnetic brake system but once you get it hooked to certain models you might be shocked to see that it doesn’t work. It’s not a wide problem, but it’s been noticed by the manufacturers who even list some of their older models as incompatible with the reel. Chances are that it won’t come up in your day to day use, but the problem remains there. The KastKing is undeniably noisy, and you can expect the noise to increase the heavier the load is. That’s not to say it’s underperforming, far from it as the reel really has no issues when being used. But the gears just naturally sound a lot when working regularly and as such even when everything is working normally you might feel that the reel is about to snap. I have found that this is just how the reel operates regularly, but it can get really distracting, and is probably the main issue the KastKing Royale Legend II Baitcasting Reel has in general.

3. Conventional or trailing reels

Conventional reels are very similar to baitcasting reels, these are designed for trawling, generally used for deep-sea fishing. However, it is also very useful when used for jigging.

Conventional reels have a drag system that can be star or lever

Conventional reels are used for large fish thanks to the fact that they are built with high resistance materials, and they also have a large line storage capacity, some have a system that allows the number of turns to be counted during collection and the quantity line released in a cast. This reel is located at the top of the rod.

Okuma Magda Pro Conventional Reel

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The Okuma Magda Pro Counter reels are high quality fishing reels designed for professionals. These reels are available in both left hand and right hand retrieve to cater to the anglers personal requirement. These reels are mainly used while troll fishing. There are different models of counter reels available which differ in the technology and capacity. DLXT is used to denote left hand crank models, and T-T denotes twin paddle handle design. The 45-DXT has the largest capacity among the different Magda pro-counter reels from Okuma and is a right handed line counter reel.


High quality components are used for all the parts of the counter reel for greater reliability and durability The counter reel is made from steel which is corrosion resistant, for greater durability. The rings on the side plate are reinforced using stainless steel. The drag system has multiple discs and is made from carbonite. The line guide for level winding is also made from stainless steel. The spools are made from graphite which will not get corroded. For smooth functioning, the counter has two stainless steel ball bearings. For better grip the reel has a Ergo knob handle.


The gear ratio for the MA-45DXT model of counter reel from Okuma is 4:1 . The line retrieve is 66 cm and it is designed to withstand a drag force of 8 kg, which is more than the drag for other models. The line capacity varies depending on size of the line, from 450 meters for 0.45 mm line to 300 meters for 0.55 mm line. The weight of the counter reel is 493 g. The counter reel should be chosen based on the type of fish. The gears in the reel are machine cut, made from brass and are durable. The gear system is self lubricating, so less maintenance will be required.


One of the main advantages of this fishing reel is the mechanical fishing line counter which allows the angler to measure the line cast, so that he can easily replicate his success in fishing. The counter measures the line based on the spool revolutions. The line is measured in feet. A rubber button is provided for resetting the counter. The pinion type gear system allows high speed line engagement. The level wind guide has a wide mouth, so that there is adequate knot clearance when double lines are used for fishing. A warranty of one year is offered since all reels are tested for quality.


– Excellent design, quality at a reasonable price, good value for money.

– Frame, rings, line guide are made from stainless steel for greater strength and durability

– Mechanical line counter to measure the fishing line, making it easier to replicate conditions, especially while bottom fishing

– Gear system made from brass and self-lubricating for smoother performance.

– Carbonite drag system with multiple discs provides excellent drag

– Most anglers are happy with the performance


– some users are facing a backlash while using the fishing reel

– a few buttons and parts may get stuck at times, some parts are made from plastic.

4. Spinning reels

This type of fixed reel, especially specific for casting or spinning fishing is fast, resistant, light and with great features, so are the reels for spinning fishing, these can be small. However, high-quality steel bearings are hidden inside so you can live great moments of fishing.

Penn Battle 2 Spinning Reel

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The Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is a really interesting piece, and from start to finish I couldn’t help but be fascinated by all the pros it brought to the table:

From the moment you hear its name and first look at it, you expect the Battle II to be a sturdy piece of equipment. And while it definitely is I was surprised to see just how good it felt in hand. The main frame is all metal, while aluminum and carbon fiber are used for some of the finer details. And the result is just one mean piece of reel. The Battle II can take any situation and manages to feel both smooth and made for heavy duty. It’s one of the most solid feeling reels I’ve tried in a while and the first impression was great due to that.

The spool system however might be even more impressive. The Penn series of reels takes great pride on their Superline Spool, but the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is definitely the one who makes the most of it. Not only is the spooling process no effort at all but the spool itself has multiple markings for capacity, and for general ease of use. And this quality comes back to the cranking as well. Reeling in any game no matter how large is no issue at all, and is overall a fluid process no matter how you look at it. The anti-reverse feature is great as well, but everything about handling the crank just feels great in person.

Another big plus is the design. I have to admit at first look I was somewhat baffled by this reel’s look, but once you get it installed it makes a lot of sense. The vertical reel position gives you a lot of room for clearance. Which is what truly allows the handle to be so comfortable to use on your fishing trips. It’s a very intuitive design that more reels could learn from. And is what helps complete such a good package.

Also while it might not come up for all owners a huge perk of the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is that you can easily configure it for right hand or left hand retrieval, which once again comes back to the design. It’s not relevant for everybody, but it’s great for those who need it.

That is not to say the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is completely flawless, and some issues can pop up: The man thing to mention when it comes to the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel is that while it technically meant for heavy duty fishing… it’s unfortunately not sealed at all. And the reel definitely doesn’t like to get splashed at all. If the Penn Battle II Spinning Reel gets doused or sand comes inside you can expect the gears to start sounding like a rattle. To be fair I have had no actual performance issues with the model itself, but the oversight is really unfortunate. And if you aren’t an expert on maintaining equipment on your own then this will become a chronic headache.

5. Surfcasting reels

Surf-casting is a sports specialty of fishing casting that consists of throwing the line of the rod from the beach, right on the wave line.

It is an ideal activity to fish for sea bass, sole, bream, and many more species.

Surfcasting reels are reels with large capacity coils to reach long distances with your spears from shore or beach.

This type of reels is widely used on the coasts and beaches, since thanks to the large capacity of their coils and together with the powerful surfcasting rods, they allow us to launch long distances with ease and reach the areas where the schools of fish are located.

Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Reel

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Baitfeeder System

Using its special second rear-drag feature, Okuma Avenger’s baitfeeder system allows you to adjust the spool to either build up or reduce tension on the feeding fish. To quickly switch the reel from main drag into bait feeding mode or vice versa, an easy to use on/off trip lever is included.

Cyclonic Flow Rotor Technology (CFR)

CFR can lessen the corrosion and increase the reel’s lifespan. This is done by creating sufficient airflow around the rotor and the spool every time the handle is turned. The air that enters will dry up the reel quickly to remove the corrosive materials in the water.

Precision Elliptical Gearing System

Machined from brass, the Okuma Avenger Reel gearing system makes up a reel that works smoothly. When casting, less friction is produced, providing a greater distance, accuracy, and line life.

6 Ball Bearings and 1 Roller Bearing

This component makes sure that the drag is secured. The tightness of the drag, as well as the pressure given off by the fish, will determine the speed the line will spool out. The six bearings are all for the reel, but there is also a seventh one that is for the anti-reverse.

Quick-set Anti-reverse Technology

Hook sets can be easier using this technology. Its bearings let you engage the reel in a single direction so then, you can feel engagement on the handle.

Oil Felt Drag Washers

Okuma Avenger Reel’s drag system is made for a fluid line-pulling experience. It has six Japanese oil-soaked washers that prevent twitching of the reel every time a fish takes your bait.

Hydro Block Drag Seal

To ensure that the front drag is safe from corrosion even when emitting a lot of pressure, Hydro Block makes it waterproof. It is the rubber gasket placed on top of the reel spool that keeps foreign elements out from the drag system.

Quality Materials

The rotor and body are made from graphite. Some components, like the spool and bail, are made of high-quality aluminum. Compared to aluminum, graphite is stronger, more lightweight, and has a longer lifespan. It is also corrosion-resistant.

Solid and Comfortable Handle

With the use of TPE grip knob, Okuma Avenger Reel’s handle is made very comfortable. It is made up of rigid metal so it also decreases flex.


  • Many handy fishing features
  • Graphite body and rotor
  • Easy on/off drag switch
  • Reliable anti-reverse
  • Waterproof drag system
  • Lightweight but tough
  • Good drag system
  • Increased casting distance and accuracy


  • Some gear binding when there is strong pressure
  • The line sometimes doesn’t settle evenly on the spool
  • Becomes noisy when on saltwater sometimes
  • Plastic and aluminum material on some parts

Latest Models

There are five latest Avenger ABF Spinning Reel models, which vary in their gear ratio, weight, line retrieves, max drag force, and monoline capacity. These are the following.

  • ABF – 500
  • ABF – 1000
  • ABF – 4000
  • ABF – 6000
  • ABF – 8000

Every model has the same amount of ball bearing and roller bearing.

6. Jigging reels

Jigging reels are ideal for deep-sea fishing and boats, these great machines are designed to test you against the fish.

This type of special races for the practice of vertical fishing. Jigging reels are powerful and some of them have large coils, very useful for deep-sea fishing from the boat.

Buying a quality jigging fishing reel is vital if you do not want the brake to not have enough power at the most unexpected moment to collect your catch and lose all your effort at the last moment, so remember that you should be very careful if you plan to compare a cheap jigging reel.

One Bass Level Wind Jigging Reel

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Many anglers have a limited budget, yet are interested in finding an affordable fishing reel for salt water fishing, which they can using for catching larger fish like bass, shark. The One Bass Level Wind Jigging Reel is a trolling, jigging fishing reel designed for those who are interested in catch big salt water fish. The reel is having a number of features which will make it easy and convenient to use. The reel can be matched with a heavy fishing rod and is ideal for anglers who only have a limited budget. The reel has a classic look of a round bait casting reel, suitable for right hand retrieve.


The reel has an aluminium frame made from aircraft grade aluminum which is die cast for strength. CNC machine cutting is used for greater accuracy for the reel and the spool. The right hand side plate is made from stamped aluminum. The side plate on the other side is made from graphite braced with aluminum for greater durability and lower weight.The aluminium spool is designed for casting longer distances. A rod clamp and wrench is provided to attach it securely to the rod. The gear, shaft, internal components are made from tempered and hardened stainless steel for greater durability and strength.

The handles of the reel are oversized for ease of use, though the weight is kept low so that the user is not fatigued. The reel handles has a grip which is nonslip for better control. The knob for cast control is also large in size so that it can be easily adjusted. The reel has a drag system made from carbonite with multiple discs. The drag system is designed for greater durability, smoothness and will have the same stopping power consistently. Typically the reel is providing 20 Kg or 45 Lb of drag smoothly. There are 15 stainless steel bearings used, one roller bearing and 14 ball bearings. These ensure that the line will be retrieved smoothly and are not affected by the salt water while fishing. The handle of the rod can be easily disassembled if required. Customer service for three years offered.

Line control

Different models of the trolling reels are available, which vary in their line capacity.The reel has a clicker alarm for line out. The button of the clicker is oversized for ease of use. The bar spool release can be easily accessed with a thumb. The gear ratio of 5.2:1 and 6.3:1 for the different models ensures that less power is required for retrieving. The aluminum spool will spin fast for casting over long distances. The level wind system which is used ensures that the line is evenly distributed on retrieving. An assist power and super stopper are provided which prevent back play and set up the power levels for the hook.


– Affordable and well designed reel for salt water fishing

– Light weight and durable frame and spool made from aircraft grade aluminum

– Stainless steel bearings and other components are used which will not get corroded.

– Well designed reel with a large knob and handle for easier control

– conveniently designed for easy line out and line retrieval, with level winding system.


– Some users find that parts of the reel are breaking off

7. Fly fishing reels

The fly fishing reel is a type of reel mainly used by freshwater fishermen who use the fly fishing technique.

The fly fishing reel is special and it can be seen with the naked eye that it is totally different from the other reels that we have seen previously. Every fly reel is made up of a main body or section and a coil. The body is the one that has the mechanisms that produce the rotation caused by the movement of the crank, and also has the mechanisms that make up the brake.

The coil, meanwhile, is the one that houses the line, its size depends on the amount of line that can be stored. Normally the coil is easily removable, allowing it to be changed easily, allowing us to quickly change lines if the conditions in which we are fishing change.

The fly reel is an important part of fishing equipment when choosing the ideal fly fishing reel, you must think about what conditions you are going to use it, the performance of a reel is totally different if you are going to fish in a small stream with the little current than in rougher rivers and with waters that drop quite strongly, another fact to consider is the size of our catches. Both the size and the braking capacity of the fly fishing reel must be adequate, always taking these factors into account.

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

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When it comes to pros of the Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel the list can get a bit long so try to bear with me:

The reel as a whole is just incredibly durable; to begin with it is made of aluminum alloy which makes it incredibly tough as a whole. The Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel is just strong and sturdy, you will have to go out of your way to damage it to even leave a dent, and I can easily see this model lasting for a longer time than most reels. But on top of that it also has a unique anodized finish, which makes sure to protect it from corrosion no matter how exposed to the elements it is, so not only will it last, but it wills also look and feel great for all that time.

Related to the above the reel is rather light, specially compared to similar models, even those who also are made from aluminum alloy. I was a bit confused first at how they managed to pull it off, but it turns out that the gaps you see on the reel are not just for show. So as a whole the unit is just that much lighter due to its design and you won’t even notice it most of the time while fishing.

The arbor design as well is really practical for general day use. While some might prefer to go straight for a large arbor the Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel is designed in such a way that it’s still easy and fast to reel in the case of a large catch. But my favorite part is how healthy it keeps your line; tangles can lead to a mess and a lot of failed reeling. But with the Fly Fishing Reel you won’t see anything like that, making it a really comfortable mid-range reel that can overperform in its category.

The drag also feels great on hand, it’s really easy to get the drag engaged and retrieving the line is as simple too. Something key about this reel is that a lot of the time you don’t “feel” it. And even when it comes to clutching and pulling it’s just as comfortable and practical to use, it’s just that good.

That said some cons do exist, and depending on your tastes they can prove to be rather major:

While the drag is great configuring it to fir your tastes is not as fun. Simply put the dial is very sensitive, and while I never accidentally moved it, I can easily see some people having issues with that. The design is meant to make it easy to adjust on the fly, and while it’s an interesting feature it can also be a drawback depending on your habits.

And while it’s not exclusive to just this model the reel is completely meant to support left-hand retrieving. The manufacturer insists that the modification is easy and offers both remote guidance and video tutorials. But it’s still another step to make if you need another configuration, and frankly can be tiresome to do on your own.

8. Centerpin reels

This type of reel was invented in the 19th century and was probably one of the first reels used.

The centerpin reels have a very simple design and use a free spin system, which thanks to this action makes it much easier to maintain the line without loops.

Plus, they don’t have a drag system, making their fishing process more exciting and challenging.

Centerpin reels are often very expensive and difficult to understand at first, as they are difficult to launch. Its method is similar to that of a baitcasting reel, which requires some manual line maneuvers to achieve a successful launch.

Therefore they are not recommended for beginners in fishing.

Saion Float Reel Centre PIN Reel

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If there’s something the Saion Centre PIN Reel proves is that simplicity isn’t the same as a lack of quality, and that’s something that we can see in all of its pros:

First and foremost the Saion Centre PIN Reel is incredibly straightforward, and this can be a great thing, many reels out there are designed with a lot of extra features that can confuse a beginner and even a professional. On the other hand this reel looks at that and completely strays away from that notion. The Saion Centre PIN Reel on the other hand is presented as is, it’s a traditional centerpin reel with a double end handle and a setting lever on the other end, and this makes it easy to install, easy to learn and easy to master.

And what is more important is that this simplicity does not translate to cheapness, the Saion Centre PIN Reel is undeniably a bulky and reliable reel. The build remains as high quality as possible and due to the lack of extra bells and whistles it is as light as it can get. Another advantage that comes with the lack of extra features is there’s nothing in there that is likely to get tangled, twisted or damaged. Thanks to its finish the Saion Centre PIN Reel is going to last a long time, and due to its genuine simplicity it won’t be damaged or require much maintenance, a combination of features that makes it a reliable partner for a long time to come.

Also due to this same nature you can expect the Saion Centre PIN Reel to be an easy fit on any given rod. Usually certain features can get in the way of compatibility, but whether you are relying on the highest end rod on the market or a traditional one from ages ago you can rest assured that the Saion Centre PIN Reel will work flawlessly. At its core that simplicity and timelessness is the real secret to the reel, and what should be the main selling point.

That said not all is perfect with the reel, and depending on what you are looking for you might run into a few issues that can affect your experience:

The Saion Centre PIN Reel is plain and simple a case of what you get is what you see, and depending on what you might be expecting that can make it a really troublesome reel for you. There are no special aids to cast, reel or even organize your string. And there’s no dedicated brake system to help you with heavier catch. Relying on this reel means going back to the basics, with all that brings to the table. In short it really will be your skills and the sea and no other factors. And while expert fishers might not mind it if you are just beginning it can feel raw and unpolished. And those who have some more experience under their belt but tend to rely heavily on external features will also find themselves lost.

9. Electric reels

If fishing from big predators is your thing, then electric reels can be a great option for you.

Electric reels are capable of fishing at great depths with heavyweights. With them you can fish at depths greater than 300 meters with long plumb lines, an aspect to take into account when buying an electric reel is not only its power but also its braking precision since at such great depths the brake plays a fundamental aspect.

When you start jigging or vertical fishing you will realize that battles with fish are long and hard and more than once will make us sweat the shirt, a more than viable option to facilitate this type of fishing is to use electric reels which with their system help us to remove fish of more than 10 kg with greater ease and comfort.

Shimano 2016 PLAYS 3000 Electric Reel

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Many anglers are interested in using an electric reel so that they do not require much power for using the reel. They are increasingly opting for electric reels like the Shimano Electric Reel which have a motor for producing the torque required while casting the line and retrieving the fish caught. The Shimano 2016 PLAYS 3000 Electric Reel is one of most popular electric reels from Shimano, which can be used for fishing in both fresh water and salt water. It is the more powerful version of the popular PLAYS 3000 reel from Shimano since it incorporates a motor.


This electric reel has a Hagane body which is extremely rigid, does not twist at all. Due to the impact resistance and extremely high stiffness there is no flexing of the body. Hence all the force which the angler is applying is converted into power to crank the reel. This increases the efficiency of the electric reel. The reel has washers made from carbon. Shimano’s precision shielded S-ARB bearings are used in reel, which ensure that the reel will function properly under all conditions. Even if salt or sand will enter the reel they will not affect the shielded bearings and will continue to rotate smoothly.


The electric reel requires a 12 V DC battery. It has a Muteki motor for greater power. It is a brush motor with a neodymium magnet which is much more powerful than the plastic magnet used in most reels. One of the main advantages of this electric reel is the fine dot LCD display which provides a wide variety of information like the time and distance for which the reel has been used. The well designed LCD display can be read even when the lighting is not perfect. There is a menu button below the display, which can be used to show the different parameters like the line out.


Many anglers prefer to use this electric reel because it is light, compact and durable. It uses Shimano’s spooling technology to reduce the heat and friction why dropping the bait. The gear ratio is 3.9:1. The line retrieve per crank is 70 cm for one revolution of the handle. The maximum drag for the reel is 15 kg and maximum winding power is 62 kg. The motor winding speed is 150 m/minute. The line capacity for the PE line varies depending on the size of the line which is being used, for PE #4 it is 400 meter, and for #8 the capacity reduces to two hundred meters. A timer is provided for fishing and target point. It is also possible to set the target point for the line. The line sending speed can be adjusted.


– Well designed fishing rod, easy to use, light weight, suitable for salty and sandy conditions

– Programmable display, shows various parameters for the line when it is being used

– Powerful Muteki motor for spooling the line and retrieving the bait

– Many of the parameters like line speed are programmable and can be adjusted

– High efficiency steel body, uses latest spooling technology to prevent heating


– Some users have received Japanese manuals which they cannot use.

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