What is Best Rod for Penn Battle 2 5000?

Whether you’re a professional fisherman or just a casual fishing enthusiast, you must be wondering, what would be the perfect fishing reel and rod combo for an optimal fishing experience? Which company’s products to go for? What kind of rod should I choose for my Penn reel? All these questions are commonly asked by people around the world.

To answer these questions and many more, we will be telling you what you need to know to get the best fishing gear ready for your next sea adventures with your family and friends. For the people who are completely new to fishing and are interested in knowing more, we’ll even lay out the basic facts of fishing for you.

What is a Fishing Reel?

For the newbies out there, a fishing reel is a cylindrical device that is attached with a fishing rod for winding, stowing, and pulling the fishing line when something gets caught. Many fishing companies produce different kinds of fishing reels and each have their own features and comprise of different materials, but we’ve chosen the best of the lot for you.

For amateur fishermen, spinning reels are very good. They’re easy to use and easy to control. You can use light, live baits in the angles (hooks) of the fishing gear while using spinning reels. Spinning reels offer much more advantage to the beginner fishermen because of its balanced nature and comfortable grip. Therefore, if you’ve just got into this art, get yourself a spinning reel.

Best Reel for Fishing

Without a doubt, the Penn Battle II 5000 is one of the best spinning reels in the market being used for fishing. It is very commonly used by newbie fishermen and is very effective for amateur fishing.

Penn Battle II 5000

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You might be wondering, what makes Penn Battle II 5000 the best spinning reel in the market? Well, there are a lot of amazing features in the Penn Battle II 5000 that make it one of the best in the industry.


The following are some of the perks and features that the Penn Battle II 5000 comes with.

Body – The Penn Battle II 5000 comes with a full metal body that offers style and excellent design. It is incredibly stylish and well-constructed.

Structural Integrity – Due to the metal body and the tough structure, it is a very strong fishing reel and does not break as easily as other reels that are commonly used nowadays.

Bigger Bail Arm – The metal bail arm is very big and it is therefore suitable for all hand sizes. It can be controlled with comfort due to its sheer size and span.

Bail Wire – The bail wire attached with the arm is made of aluminum and is very strong and sturdy. The heavy-duty aluminum wire helps the bail arm to stay in place.

HT-100 – The Penn Battle II 5000 includes the Penn High Tech 100 seal drag system in it. What the drag washers do is that they rub together to slow down the movement of the fish while making sure the line doesn’t break.

Instant Anti-Reverse – The purpose of instant anti-reverse is to make sure the reel does not turn back and initiates the drag which allows back-reel to be used which can be used to fight the resisting fish.

These are some of the features that the Penn Battle II 5000 packs with it thus making it one of the best spinning reels out there.

Capacity and Length

The Penn Battle II 5000 offers a length capacity of a massive 200 yards and allows light fishing of up to 15lbs. This is more than enough for beginner fishermen and works wonders for fishing enthusiasts.

What is the best rod for Penn Battle 2 5000?

Now that you’ve learned about the Penn Battle 2 5000 itself, you must be wondering, what kind of rod would be the best rod for Penn Battle 2 5000? Well, we have the perfect answer to this question as well. First of all, spinning reels are best suited to working with spinning rods. Spinning rods allow movement in all directions and make sure that the excessive movement does not cause the rod or the line to break.

There are many spinning rods available in the market but the best one according to us and many fishing lovers out there is the Shimano Saguaro Medium Heavy Spinning Rod.

Why is Shimano Saguaro the best rod for Penn Battle 2 5000?

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Saguaro is made out of T-Glass which is lighter, more durable, and more responsive than traditional glass materials. It is incredibly lightweight and fits perfectly in the hands of any fisherman whether they’re professional or amateurs. The Shimano Saguaro is amazing in many ways. It offers great flexibility and therefore, has lesser chances of breaking down, unlike other spinning rods that are available in the market. Saguaro has a lot of exciting features that complement the Penn Battle 2 5000 spinning reel.


Some of these features and specifications are listed here for your ease.

  •  EVA Grip – It features an incredibly comfortable and lightweight EVA grip which was introduced in competition to the very heavy and uncomfortable rubber grips that could easily make you lose your grip while fishing larger animals.
  • Flexibility – Even though spinning rods are already very flexible in nature, the T-glass makes Saguaro even more special when it comes to movement and control.
  • Fast Action – This amazing rod offers fast action capabilities. Due to its lightweight and incredible handling, as soon as the fish tugs the bait, you can be swift in getting your catch with the fast action rod.
  • Size – It comes in different sizes but the optimal size for great fishing experience is the 6’6″. It can be maneuvered easily and control is also great.
  •  Rod Blank – Composite rod blanks are made of carbon fiber and provide excellent balance to the rods in general. It also provides sensitivity and keeps the handle stiff and tough.
  • Capacity – The rod is made for light fishing and therefore, supports the weight of over 20lbs without causing any sort of problems for the fishing gear.

These are some of the features available in the Shimano Saguaro which make it the best spinning rod for the Penn Battle II 5000.

Runner Up – Penn Battle 2 5000 Combo

Although, the best option would be to go for the Shimano Saguaro as a companion for the Penn Battle 2 5000. Penn also offers a fishing gear combo for the Battle 2 5000. It is extremely durable and offers amazing movement flexibilities. In case of price and affordability, this combo is worth your money and is quite good for casual fishing in freshwaters and seawaters alike. What this reel and rod combo offers is that the HT-100 drag washer technology along with the Anti-Reverse technique make the fishing process fairly easy and simple for the beginners of the field.

There is a multitude of options available in terms of the size of the rod and the reel as well. In terms of a variety of models, Penn offers different models of the rod along with the authentic Battle 2 5000 reel in this combo. Both the products are made by Penn and therefore, the materials used in creation are high quality and amazing. After Shimano Saguaro, the Penn combo has to be the best reel and rod combo available in the fishing industry as of now.

Why Choose Spinning Rods for Spinning Reels?

This is an important thing to remember. Spinning rods are designed to work with spinning reels. If you have to use any spinning fishing components without the other, you might land into trouble while fishing, and nobody wants that to happen. The main reason for the use of spinning rods with spinning reels is that the spinning reels are attached to the underside of the rod, whereas in the case of casting rods, it’s the opposite situation.

This doesn’t allow for spinning reels to be used on any kind of rod which doesn’t offer spinning capabilities. In the case of casting rods, baitcasters are placed on top of the rods. In our case, however, the best rod for Penn Battle 2 5000 is also a spinning rod that offers the perfect balance to the spinning nature of the Battle 2 5000.

Now that we’ve answered all your queries relating to fishing and what the best rod for Penn Battle 2 5000 is, we expect you to choose the best fishing gear combo for your future fishing adventures. Always know what level you need to fish on, and what your requirements are. Many people might want to fish heavier fishes and for such purposes, casting rods and reels should be used because of their straightforwardness and rigidity. However, in the case of casual and basic amateur fishing, spinning rods and reels offer the perfect weight, capacity, and movement balance that the average fisherman requires.

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