What is the best bait or lure for river fishing? Tips

I often ask myself before I go fishing “what or “which” best bait or lure for river fishing?”. Because there are varietal of lures and bait selling on the market nowadays and it’s hard to decide or choose which lures or bait should we use to experience better on fishing.

The best bait or lure for river fishing are minnows, crawdads, leeches or night crawlers. River fishing like to eat small species. For example, insects, dragonfly… There species are live in the river and most fishes likely ate.

Live bait will mostly catch every type of river fish and they are your best opportunity to catch fishes like; catfish, suckers or carp.

However, it is also an issue to find those live creature by setting the trap or dig out to find worm or other living creature and it took a lot of time. The fastest and easiest way that I did is I bought some fishing lures which is worked pretty well too.

The location, river, time and types of fishes are absolutely important for us to discover. We need to find out the location where you fish and types of fishes live in that river that we are going to fish and know about the river. After you found out it is easier to find the right lure or bait to catch those fishes.

The best time for river fishing

It is crucial to know about the best time to fish. The best time for river fish is in the early morning and in the evening late. Because the water started to warm up when sunrise. The fishes become more active in the evening because of the water become cooler. At these time, fishes are normally looking for foods and hunt. So, if we fish at the right time we will get something but if not we will get nothing and waste of time and energy standing under the sun.

Tips to understand about water flow in small rivers or steam

Rock Piles or Big tree

Rock piles or island piles in the river. Fishes are normally stay behind those rock or big tree for rest, sitting there looking upstream because the rock and tree hold the flowing water so, these fishes don’t have to move too much when they stay behind the rock. These fishes are lazy and likely to stay in the slow current to sit or rest there and waiting for their foods and you normally see them.

Calm moving water

When the water flowing or moving fast to the slow poor. We can find it by looking for the rapid which you can see the white water rolling into the slow poor and suddenly it slow down. The place where they meet is where the fishes likely to stay because minnows and insects are getting washed down and it easy for the fishes waiting and get the foods.

Merging currents

This situation just the same like rock piles or big tree because the place where the currents merged together it just like a big rock there. We can see the water slowing down and that place is where the fishes are staying.

These tips can help you where you can throw your lures or baits to. You would need to throw them at the head pass the slow current where the fishes stay and when the fishes saw they will bite the lures.

The most important thing about fishing you might need to ask yourself that what fish you would like to catch. Find out more information about those fishes. And you also need to find fishing gears that can help you to catch those fishes. You might need to set up hook, line, sinker, bait and some other equipment to help your survival. Can’t wait to see your result.

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