Which Fishing Reels Are Made In USA – 10 List Brands

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you need to know the best brands and manufacturers to provide you with quality fishing reels. You want your fishing trip to not only be enjoyable but successful, therefore, you need the best equipment. There are a variety of fishing reels made in the USA that are varied in both use and quality. Below is a collection of some quality fishing reels made in the USA. They will provide the quality experience for your fishing expedition.


Abel Fly Reels have consistently had positive reviews from fishing enthusiasts who use fishing reels made in the USA. You are getting custom made top quality fishing gear. They are made in a California factory and the skilled technicians use the finest materials to make the reels. They are built to withstand years of use. Using the finest craftsmanship and quality materials, Abel Fly fishing reels are among the best USA made reels. They are used for freshwater and saltwater sports fishing for over two decades.

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Manufactured by a company known as Barrel Service Company, Aspen Fly Reels provide the quality you need a fishing expedition. The company located in San Marcos, CA, is family owned. The company began as a one-man fishing enthusiast using the manual Axleson lathe but now at manufactures in 16 CNC lathes. Therefore, you are getting the quality required from this company with over 40 machinists’ operators to help you with your gear. Aspen Reels 350 Large

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With Avet, you get precision machined components that are made in the USA. The solid 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum is solidly made. There is the stainless steel stock that provides unmatched strength and corrosion resistance that is engineered to provide a strong reel for your fishing experience. The components are all aluminum and also anodized to provide corrosion resistance that is superior. The finishes also consider your love for aesthetics. Avet 5.3:1 Lever Drag Conventional Reel

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The pending drag system has its patent in the USA. GRProto is made from this feature. You get a lifetime warranty for the functional reels with a money back guarantee after the purchase. The inspiration for this brand is based on experience using the reels. The price for the GRProto reels is reasonable ensuring that you can operate within your budget.

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This brand ensures that it provides reels that get you closer to the fish. The reel is a great sporting reel and lasts for a long duration. Using aircraft aluminum for the standard bar, there is enough strength and durability here. There is a reversible click check and an additional rim positioned adjustment. It is type 2 anodized with a laser textured rim. These fishing rails made in the USA provide for quality and durability.

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Ross Reels

This brand provides the USA made anodized, aluminum made reels that have unmatched quality. The reels include Evolution LTX, Gunnison, Evolution R, Evolution R Salt, Colorado LT, Cimarron II, and Animas Reels. You get lifetime warranty when you get reels from this brand that has been tested over the years.

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Innovative Reel Technologies

Made in the USA, the production and development teams ensure that quality is placed above everything for the products. If you have a reel from Innovative Reel Technologies that is damaged, the company will recommend service in the home office located in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. You get an annual service when you buy your reels from this brand.

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Coming from a family tradition of over 180 years, there is both innovation and excellence in the production of these reels. There is passion, dedication and diligence that are fueled by the need to keep the family tradition of making the reels in this business. With Nautilus, you get quality and unmatched experience in the industry.

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Founded in 1932, PENN Fishing Tackle Company has been above the rest in modern reel production and design. There are millions of experienced fishers and anglers who look to this brand for quality reels for their fishing expeditions. Essentially, the founder’s dream is what drives the manufacturing of reels from this company to provide quality fishing tackle products.

They are designed for heavy saltwater fishing with a rugged spinning reel. You can go from sharks to sailfish with the three sizes that Penn torque provides. There is a sealed system that helps repel grit and saltwater. The torque ensures optimal performance for any situation in the sea. Go ahead and put this reel to test and find out what you have been missing in your fishing experience.  InNovative Reel Technologies

With aluminum spinning reels, you have the best quality in the USA with this brand. There is customization and flexibility for your quality reels. The color, style and overall design is made with your fishing experience in mind. It contains a 6000 series aluminum that is anodized to prevent damage and corrosion in saltwater environments.

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Bauer Fly Reels

This is an SST reel that offers exceptionally superior and smooth performance. The profile frame design is sealed using carbon fiber and the drag knob operation provides you with the options you need in color. You get precision machined tolerance with stock aluminum as well as stainless steel that provide for corrosion resistance. The drag system is assisted using stainless steel ball bearings.

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These fishing reels made in the USA provide you with the quality fishing experience as they have the following features. Essentially, it is designed to flow and provides fly gear that is dynamic and fluid. This will give you an edge making you a real force of nature when you are outdoors in your fishing expedition.

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The list of fishing reels made in the USA is long and most products have history and legacy from when they began production. Other fishing real brands include Nautilus, Hatch Outdoors, Galvan Fly Reels, Scientific Angler, Sage, Simms, Teton, among others.

Naturally, when you get American made reels, you are sure that your fishing expedition will not only be successful but fun as well. You do not have to worry about overuse as you get to use the best quality; in addition, you have an assortment of reels that will allow you to go fishing in freshwater as well as salty water.


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